Monday, 5 January 2015

the first snow.

sunday morning saw the first snowfall of the new year.
soon after dawn we settled around the table for coffees and pancakes, watching the storm and soaking up that sense of still and calmness it brings.
mid morning we headed out for a wander, and a toboggan. the street was filled with the smell of woodsmoke and muffled scrapes of folk trying to dig out their motorcycles and push bikes before the next snow arrived.
cc was in heaven with his pa pulling him criss cross down the street. clement rolled around the yard for a moment or two then soon tucked himself up under the warmth of my coat for a sunday snooze. 

1. these two are always in the lead.
2. toboggan rides with his pa.
3. outside our front stoop.
4. clement chanting 'snow snow' over and over.
5. then later that day he stopped to greet this cardboard figure in the travel agents window. talking away about cars and cocoa and snow for ages, then happily waving farewells, completely unperturbed that she couldn't reply.