Monday, 10 August 2015

toasting 41.

sunday saw the boy's pa turn a year older. to toast his special day and thank him for all he does for our family of four, we travelled to the woodlands for a weekend adventuring.
we stayed in a small, secluded cabin, set in the woods of windhorse farm. it was only an hour or so drive from our home, but it felt like a million miles away. 
squirrels and chipmunks ran to-and-fro across the cabin roof, herons passed us on the warm, still, lake. the twit-twoo of owls swooping through the trees filled the dark nights. porcupines rustled under the deck and the fastest hummingbirds mesmerised us, while the hundreds of mosquitos feasted on us. 

the boy's pa took us out in the canoe for many trips around the lake, took cc swimming in the pond, stoked up the wood fired sauna for us all to relax in, and taught the boys how to pull water from the well. the two boys found joy in tugging apples from trees then swinging under their ancient branches, building their first camp fire, seeking out frogs and dragonfly, and making collections of pine cones and acorns. they were totally worn out, but so in awe of all they saw, that they kept going each day until darkness finally reached the forest and sleep slowly came.

Monday, 13 July 2015

from this month.

1. morning swings in the hammock.
2. such a handsome, hand painted, floor in the skate shop.
3. cc said "this tent is lovely. lets stop and take my picture actually. it'll be nice"!
4. a saturday morning spent making moats and sandcastles.
5. clement down at the allotments.
6. then avidly watching the canada day parade.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

those clement frank words.

little clement frank has been talking up a storm more and more.
he says "hiya caudie" and "lurve oo caudie" to his brother non-stop.  
"porrige peese" is his most favourite breakfast, then he tugs himself up to sit next to the stove top and helps stir, firmly saying "me do it. my do it".
he asks "why?" around a hundred times a day, calls muffins "fluffins" and says "oh ouch" anytime he gets dirty.
he adores humming and singing as much as his big brother. these past few weeks they have taken to singing this tune, with clement swaying his head to-and-fro til it's his turn to sing "a messadge to oo rudy-ee. a messadge to ooo." 

he is such a funny and smart little boy. twenty five months suits him.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

a shop.

since we moved to nova scotia I have been making under the name 'coombes and dark'. selling coombes and dark cards and prints in some independent stores here, and at fairs. now, finally, there is a coombes and dark etsy store, selling the collages, cards and art prints world wide.

named after the maiden names of my two talented grandmas; virtue coombes and hilda dark.
coombes and dark is a thank you for all they shared. and through it I hope their hard working, spirited ways will continue on.

to read more click here. 

and please spread the word to anyone who might like the shop.
thank you.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

for nan.

documenting sadness is tough to do.
more so when it is a sadness from the passing of someone so dear to you. 
trying to understand how the world will be without them. 
to reason with the tide of tears that comes rushing with no warning, and the hundreds of miles of sea separating where she was and where we are. 

no matter the distance, times such as these will always be hard.
and on those moments when thoughts become too foggy to understand, there is this picture, of my nanna when she was ten years old at school. the tomboy and adventurer who went on to teach us all so much. her childhood tales, smiles and determination will always be with us. 

and these two boys will be able to look through their sepia family albums, knowing they met their great nanna, and remember how loved they felt by her, and what an incredible spirit she shared.  


Monday, 25 May 2015


this one turned two today. 
no more a baby, but a true toddler, with the most wonderful character shining through. he is the kindest little guy who has already inherited his pa's sense of humour. his big brother's love for dancing and music. and a stubborn streak or two from his ma. he is happiest next to his brother: finding adventures, taking strolls and sleeping side by side. they are a real two-some.
a toast to you on your second birthday little clement frank.   

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

snow is falling,,,

somehow a month has passed since posting here.
and the snow is still falling!
these two boys have been giddy with excitement watching the snowfall, then sad and struggling with the holt it brings to meet ups and our normal out-and-about-ness. still, it is nova scotia. and the snow season has only just begun. so we must hunker down, make more cocoa and face the minus twenty temperatures with gusto. so that we can head out between storms and make the most of family walks such as these. 
welcome to february - and the white adventures you shall bring.