Sunday, 23 November 2014

eighteen months.

eighteen months already.
and despite seasonal sickness and tiredness he is (almost) always smiling.
he talks up a storm too. mostly in his adventurous clement tongue - though often the odd few identifiable words will come through strongly.
he's partial to creamy porridge, parsnip and lentil stew and maple sausages.
he twirls about super fast with his brother, moving to any tunes playing.
and more often than not has a toy truck in tow.
kisses are offered freely - particularly to his brother. followed by bear hugs and romps around the floor. then more kisses.
and so the seasonal sickness has no way of escaping us.
soon it will be his second christmas, the first one to really remember.
and I feel that he will LOVE it.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


cc turned a handsome four on sunday.
four years old. it is amazing to see this remarkable little boy grow up.
sunday was mapped out by cc - starting with a tiny cake to himself after breakfast. a family trek on a nature trail and hide and seek in the woodlands with clement. then adventures at a wonderful farm; a horse and cart ride, feeding (and being peed on) by the billy goats, stroking two beautiful donkeys, then a ride by himself on a dear old pony named buttons. 
clement was mesmerised by the noisy roosters and couldn't get enough of them.
the two boys mimicked the cock-a-doodle-doos all the ride home. then toasted the day with a teatime slice of cake.
here's to turning four cc, and all the wonderful times it will bring.