Saturday, 21 June 2014

in cc's words.

clement, you is the sea urchins ok? and i'm the predator ok? now hide under the sofa before i eat you all up. 

sometimes there's a thing called a cornucopia. it happens when gentlemens want to get a new animal, like a pet. and when they get home they realise their dog is actually an armadillo. thats what cornucopia is.

one morning over toast I ask, what would you like to do today?
cc: I think I want to see my grandpas today. both of them together. with me. 
me: that would be nice but they are in england, which is far away so we can't ...
cc: (interrupting me) I think you are wrong actually. my grandpas live here. they moved to our street on tuesday. or maybe it was saturday. they just forgot to tell you. i'm gonna meet them for strong coffee now (climbing down from his seat).

come see mummy, there's two vampire bats in the tree outside. theys in costume as two of those jay birds, but thats cos they are vampire bats in hiding.

some rocket ships zoom really fast to the stars. with astronauts. some go slower. thats the ones that have vacations on clouds or something. 

anytime folk smile at clement cc takes his hand proudly announcing: this is my baby brother. he's called clement. but you can call him clement frank if you want to.

Monday, 16 June 2014

feeling the summer time.

the seeds we sowed into the muddy back yard are sprouting, and the evergreen tree has doubled in size. the sound of folk partying on their decks fills the evenings while that morning sunlight comes through the shutters earlier each day.
these two boys already have the feeling for summer time. one hangs with his friends at every chance and has found a taste for ice-cream. the other turns each  moment into a chance for exploration and adventure. and is happy so long as his family are by his side.