Tuesday, 25 February 2014

sticks and doors.

cc has a thing for sticks. finding a stick to take on our walks has become a daily ritual. now he also has a thing for wooden doors too. maybe spurred on from reading the tales of alice in wonderland. or from seeing those strange cellar doors for storage under taverns - then saying in wonder 'these are doors in the pavement? they have doors in pavements? wow. its for the underground moles i thinks.' 
whatever the reason, sticks and wooden doors are the two topics of the moment for cc. so we are thankful for some slightly milder temperatures, thawed out sticks, and some handsome wooden doors around this nova scotian town.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

this week.


this week has been spent -
clambering snow mounds with cc's friends.
taking snowy woodland walks as a family.
sharing coffees and seed cookies in this snug cafe.
practicing knitting mittens (that at the moment still resemble oven gloves).
asking cc about his drawings to be told: 'they are not spirals this is nests actually. for creepin crawlies or sometimes spiders like those trapdoor spiders too.' 
toasting miniature cups with clement.
settling these two side by side for some animal themed storytimes.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

sunday dress up.

this morning started with cc asking to be a tiger.
searching under the settee for his stripey mask, he ate toast through it, hopped about in a special tiger-ey dance in it, then tucked it under his toque during the freezing walk to visit his friend ruby and her folks.
the smell of freshly made coffee filled their stairway, which we shared along with fruit salad and strudels. then these two continued their antics, scampering around to music, switching from doctors to ducks to ladybugs. little clement watched on in awe.
here's a toast to sunday dress ups, and to the wonder of being three.

Monday, 3 February 2014

farewell january, hello february.

this season has been so filled with sickness.
for cc and his little brother.
and for all their friends here too.
seems those germs travel to and fro, and no matter how hard we try to shake them off, bam, they show up again.
so the first month of the year passed at a slow pace. taking small family walks, watching snow storms, stocking up on goods for homemade stews, baking peanut butter cookies, seeing little clement's second tooth appear, taking cc's treasured trips on the bus, shoveling snow, then waking to find snow falling all over again.
oh nova scotia, we hope this second month of yours will be easy on us all.