Wednesday, 29 January 2014

scenes from today.

the sound of cc singing 'the bear necessities' woke us all at five this morning. then his little brother was howling and wide awake too. soon we were all downstairs, making rounds of toast and milk, while the rest of our street lay dark and silent.
by the time cc's pa had to head off to work, the morning had already seemed endless, so we joined on his trip in the steadily falling snow. once downtown cc studied our reflections in store windows, read endless storybooks at the library, met with little folk in this lovely children's store, then trudged all the way home through the thick snow. all the while his little brother slipped in and out of sleep, tucked up inside my coat. he woke content and unaware of the freezing storm adventure he had been on. 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

in cc's words.

sat on the bus in a traffic queue: this driver man has a big beards. and a funny cap. makes him go slowly i think. 

i like toasts with butter. sometimes the triangle shapes taste best. 

you never touch these apples clement. theys the bad ones. ok? 

some skunks hibernate underneath the mud. it makes them tails all skunky. 

black and whites my favite colours i think. no no no, maybe white and black actually. 

oh, daddys working late tonight? maybe he will bring me home a couple of them beers that smell. 

i need clement's baby water i think. i sip it then i can sound like him. wah wah wah. thats the sound of clement. 

singing to himself most mornings: head and shoulders knees and toes, eyes mouth and head. 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

ten days of medicine.

ten days of the boys taking medicine.
hiding inside from near hurricane storms.
reading cc's treasured skeleton book.
making terrible zucchini bread.
trimming cc's hair.
hearing cc cheer 'he did it' as clement sits up so well.
making two sets of good cookies.
racing to a movie date on a sunday afternoon.
toasting cc's pa for having both boys so i could make the movie.
turning the tiny nook under the stairs into my secret space.
hearing cc trying to teach his little brother how to talk.
struggling to make it through a night without a hundred wakings.
turning baskets into sail boats.
hoping the boys sickness will soon be gone.

Friday, 3 January 2014

fevers and the new year.

somehow we ended up toasting in the new year with fevers.
little clement is tired and teething and tugs at his soft giraffe for comfort.
cc was twirling merrily with friends on new years eve
then stopped in his tracks feeling terrible.
his temperature has soared ever since, making him shiver and tremble all night.
though he is still filled with words and wonderful sayings,
talking to his pa nonstop through morning pancakes.

today saw more snow fall.
the storm racing down the chimney, shaking mabel as we curled up inside.
it seems all around the world folk are suffering from storms of one kind or another. the new year has really arrived with a stomp.