Wednesday, 31 December 2014

farewell 2014.

farewell to another nova scotian year.
to those four seasons of change.
from spring time trips to the seaside to summer picnics. family walks through the autumn leaves and treks through icy winter streets for cocoa dates.
these two boys have reached too many mile stones to try and record.
from sickness and sleeplessness to twirling to the wireless on our bed at dawn.
a toast to twelve hectic months and to the next twelve to come.

1. clement discovers a hidden, theatrical world in halifax.
2. these three strolling hand in hand.
3. seeking out wooden shacks in snowy wolfville.
4. a smiling cc, pre-sickness.
5. father christmas came.
6. so many toys. too many toys!
7. he spends hours sat drawing these days. his pa is so proud.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

a making month.

1. spent many super late nights settled at this desk recently.
2. mid way on a sepia collage.
3. cc's desk sits next to mine. he is really into his drawing at the moment and spends ages sat perfectly still concentrating. its lovely to see.
4. cc chose our neat little tree. and a second smaller one for his bedroom.
5. a seasonal corner of the fireplace.
6. making festive trees out of old paperback cowboy novels.
7. my treasured coombes and dark stamp has worked hard this month - stamping all the goods for my saturday market stall. and today stamping cards ready to be delivered to a nearby cafe. feels good to be in a creative swing.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

eighteen months.

eighteen months already.
and despite seasonal sickness and tiredness he is (almost) always smiling.
he talks up a storm too. mostly in his adventurous clement tongue - though often the odd few identifiable words will come through strongly.
he's partial to creamy porridge, parsnip and lentil stew and maple sausages.
he twirls about super fast with his brother, moving to any tunes playing.
and more often than not has a toy truck in tow.
kisses are offered freely - particularly to his brother. followed by bear hugs and romps around the floor. then more kisses.
and so the seasonal sickness has no way of escaping us.
soon it will be his second christmas, the first one to really remember.
and I feel that he will LOVE it.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


cc turned a handsome four on sunday.
four years old. it is amazing to see this remarkable little boy grow up.
sunday was mapped out by cc - starting with a tiny cake to himself after breakfast. a family trek on a nature trail and hide and seek in the woodlands with clement. then adventures at a wonderful farm; a horse and cart ride, feeding (and being peed on) by the billy goats, stroking two beautiful donkeys, then a ride by himself on a dear old pony named buttons. 
clement was mesmerised by the noisy roosters and couldn't get enough of them.
the two boys mimicked the cock-a-doodle-doos all the ride home. then toasted the day with a teatime slice of cake.
here's to turning four cc, and all the wonderful times it will bring. 

Friday, 31 October 2014

happy halloween.

cc the tawny owl and his fellow super heroes wish you all a happy halloween time.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

two boys and the charleston.

cc has always been one for twirling about.
since starting a saturday dance class he has taken to trying his moves out all the time. and naturally clement frank follows suit. a twenty minute walk now nears the two hour mark as both of them tumble about in the mud, tapping their sneakers to the tune of the falling autumn leaves.

.clement frank scribbling away at his brothers desk.
.'this is the charleston. we are doing the charleston clemmie', says cc mid-move, as clement pauses for a moment to remove his trousers.
.their spontaneous sidewalk rolls, turning a short walk for coffee into an afternoon trek.
.cc spotted a woodpecker.
.this little ones nose is always pressed to the glass when I come in and out of the house. almost seventeen months old now, and he doesn't miss a thing.

Friday, 10 October 2014

in cc's words.

(on the carousel) gid-ee-oh. gid-ee-oh. this horse is the fastest. 

on saturdays its important to make cake actually. it means you are in love. or married. 

sometimes those cuckoos outside are so noisy they wake up those brown old dogs. then they start barking and woofing and barking some more. then that wakes up the tired cats who start making them noises like cats make and soon the whole streets awake. thats why i get up at night. its not my fault actually. its all them animals. 

clemmie, you want to come to school with me? you can meet all my friends and then we can hide behind the wood shed with the mosquitos.

is it christmas yet? or is it next day? maybe its next day. that means we got time to go buy all mine and clem's presents today.

am all ready for dance class now. i got my leggings and my feet are feeling all bendy. that means im ready.

this stew is lovely. i love it. (then two minutes later) maybe next time don't worry about making stew actually mummy. maybe lets just have toast for supper. sometimes toasts alot nicer then you cooking actually.

(after finding the two boys hiding under a tree in the garden)
me: what are you two doing claude?
cc: oh, nothing. nothing mummy.
me: does clement have something in his mouth?
cc: nope. (then realising i can see clement) oh yeah, maybe. maybe i was just seeing how many of them small stones fit in his mouth. but only four fit actually. he's not trying hard enough. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

this month, so far.

.cc choosing wild flowers with his dear friend. 
.morning story times together.
.a kiss on the dartmouth ferry.
.always taking walks, hand in hand.
.cc loves wearing my old tapestry scarf.
.clement frank pretending to sup on his pa's coffee cup.

Monday, 6 October 2014

six weeks later.

peepo says cc.
we are back. 
six weeks have passed since we last wrote. 
farewells were said to summer days and autumns woodsmoke scented evenings arrived.
the boys grew so much taller. 
cc still sung tunes all summer and danced about nonstop. clement soon followed suit, turning his head this-a-way then that-a-way. beaming that beautiful smile.
saturday mornings were always spent alone with their pa. making trips to dartmouth. climbing by the sea. sharing treats in their cafes. this time made them so happy.
and many walks were taken. hand in hand they would strut down the streets. hunting for worms. collecting sticks. charming any passers by.
the six weeks have been busy ones. these two made sure of that. 
now we toast to a new season. and a promise to share more moments from it here. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

tuesday at the sea.

tuesday started with a spontaneous trip to the seaside. the storms threatened but thankfully never arrived, making it a lovely, much needed time for us to spend as a four. cc raced his pa to and fro, charging into the waves and out again, screaming with happiness. his little brother strode about too, sifting through sand to find the smoothest stones to carry about. 
on our way home we stopped at the smallest wooden cafe for some strong coffees and soft lobster rolls with cc announcing 'that sand is my favourite for running in. my feet went so fast. I loved it mamma'.