Saturday, 16 November 2013

no or yes?.

cc's words are tumbling out now.
turning three, settling into his big brother role and meeting up with other little folk seems to set his mind rolling. cc's most spoken saying at the moment is no or yes? he says it at the end of anything - its morning time, no or yes? daddys making some juice, no or yes? today is cold and windy outside, no or yes? some other recent cc's sayings:

.these blue babies are not good. they taste spicy. i think maybe they rotted. (after biting a sour blueberry)

.some kitty cats are black. sometimes gray. maybe i like the white ones actually, they are the naughty ones. 

.he wants moneys? moneys to help his beards grow? (after passing a busker with a super long beard)

.sometimes clement just needs munk (milk) mummy then he's good. feed him now. ok?

.you're been silly. so silly. talk enormous (normal) daddy. (said laughing when his pa reads storybooks with strange accents.

.its my birfday now? this is now? today is now? wow! (then super loudly..) clem-ent its my birfday today sing happy birfday to me, your brother. 

Saturday, 9 November 2013


cc turned a wonderful three today.
these past twelve months have seen him become a big brother, enjoy visits from family back home, start at a little pre-school, make some lovely new friendships and seen his talking truly take off. now those words tumble out.
this morning, following a milk and banana bread breakfast, some friends came by to toast cc's special day. the little folk screamed and played and filled mabel with cheer for a good few hours. unicorn cookies and berries were shared. then cc's chocolate cake - adorned with animals in homemade miniature party hats - was devoured. cc was so tremendously excited. here's to turning three little man, and all the wonders this next year will bring.  

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

little c.

this fellow has such a wonderful character.
and the most animated expressions.
he has a distinct chuckle that he shares often.
a deep stare that follows us around the room
and two neat dimples framing his ready smile.
settled around the table during mealtimes,
he watches the family eat, tapping his fists
and drooling at his big brother in wonder.  
sometimes we hum tunes as he starts to tire
then watch him slowly start to fall asleep.
it is one of the most calming moments of the day.
here's to you little clement frank. we love you so.

Monday, 4 November 2013

from the weekend.

the seasons are shifting again already. since november arrived temperatures have stayed super low and it feels like the long canadian winter will soon be here.
we spent the weekend wrapped up in sweaters and toques. taking family walks. making a bubble and squeak breakfast for friends. trying to fix up odd corners around mabel. smiling at cc and his endless sayings.
these pictures were taken during saturday morning coffees down by the sea. cc is constantly asking to hold clement these days. he is so proud to be a brother at the moment and tells any folk passing by 'this is clem-ent. he's my baby. say hi clem-ent.' 

Friday, 1 November 2013

farewell october.

a storm has arrived here in time to mark the passing of october.
to blow away the fevers and tiredness that filled the month.
and to those night times that seemed to never end.

the tenth month brought goodness too though.
autumn arrived and a covering of fallen leaves turned each street crimson.
cc found a love for even more words.
and little clement turned five months old.

so farewell october.
and we welcome november and all the wonders of winter we hope you will bring.