Wednesday, 30 October 2013

halloween eve.

these days the sound of clement practicing his five month coos, or claude humming his abc's starts the mornings super early, while the moon is still in the sky. the two misters then continue their brotherly antics (and shared dislike of daytime naps) 'til the nova scotian sun starts to set and sleep finally beckons.

to toast the eve of halloween today we dressed up ready for a spooky party held at cc's pa's work. cc asked to go dressed as an autumn tree. 'one with red leaves that say swoosh' he said, adding 'I need to be a man tree and wear a moustache'. and so he was the most handsome, moustached tree that ever was...though clement's tiny hands couldn't resist tugging off a leaf or two.
happy halloween eve. 

Thursday, 17 October 2013


to toast thanksgiving monday, and make the most of having cc's pa home for the day, we took a trip to the seaside. the highway was lined with thick trees, turning tawny and started to shed. a wooden sign took us off the wide tarmac down onto a narrow dirt track, then finally to an empty car park and the serene sea.
cc asked his pa to make trucks in the sand. then a collection of cars: 'no not a sand castle daddy. make a sand fire truck. an amble-ence. and a police car too.' so those two settled down together for some serious sandmobile making, while a tearful clement and I tugged seaweed from our toes.

Monday, 14 October 2013


following some toasted brioche and tea on sunday morning we set off in a motorcar to join cc's little friend zev and his lovely folks on their annual thanksgiving outing. decked out in toques and sweaters we traveled to the valley to fill our trunks (and tummies) with sweet apples and pumpkins for halloween.  
the boys chased one another through a towering corn maze, rolled in the morning mud and settled on mammoth seat-sized pumpkins. they tugged toddler sized apples from the trees, took tiny bites from them, then tried to re-hang them back on the bare branches. the nova scotian orchard was so warm and when the little misters started to tire, wonderfully tranquil too.
a toast to harvests, and farmers. to friendships and to sharing thanksgiving traditions.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

sincerely yours.

a month has passed since we documented any of cc's happenings here. though our silence meant some of you worried as to how we were things are fine. there have been some fevers and infections to fight. tantrums and tiredness to battle. mostly the time passes so quickly trying to manage these two little misters, that by teatime the world of sleep takes over and so trying to make any record of what we have been up to is postponed until tomorrow.
so here we are in nova scotia, scrumping for apples, finding firetrucks, seeking out restrooms for clement, strolling amongst corn fields, trotting on musical toy ponies and riding in shiny elevators.
sincerely yours, cc and his folks.