Thursday, 29 August 2013

the week so far.

the nova scotian seasons feel like they are moving on.
with stormy downpours and wonderful night time breezes.
soon it will be autumn, our second one here.
and time for soft sweaters. cocoas and malt loaf. maybe some sleep too.

.cc dancing to the 'musskit' ( his way of saying music) in the pharmacy.
.twelve week old clement frank.
.cc and his friend lucy. soon after this was taken he told her 'hold my hand lucy. time to kiss.'
.from sundays seaside trip. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

at the beach.

sunday morning arrived swiftly following a totally sleepless night.
baby clement snuffled and moved to and fro from dusk til dawn.
at sunrise coffees and marmite on toast were supped. then cc's pa collected a friends motorcar and we set off to find some salty sea air.
cc charged along the wooden boardwalk in excitement. heaped up pebbles. sifted sand through his palms. picked huge daises. waded through towering, seeded grasses. all with his tall, hatted pa at his side. clement and I strolled at a turtles pace, wondering how a whole year had passed, to the day, since our first time on these nova scotian sands.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

us four.

cc's grandma snapped this picture during their stay this weekend.
though we seem to be a grumpy little family, it makes me smile to see a photograph of the four of us. we don't have many, if any others taken of us together since clem arrived. cc has started resisting having his picture taken, turning away in defiance, though he still loves pretend play with cameras.
this morning I found him stood over baby clement (he calls him little c) with one of his pa's old cameras - 'little c, little c, say cheeeesse. cheese to caud's camra. yep yep. turn round little c, caud take your bottom'.

Monday, 19 August 2013

cc's pa's family.

clement met his pa's parents for the first time this weekend.
the nova scotian sun shone down on our front stoop. coffee was supped. strolls taken. and clement contentedly settled into his grandpa's arms.

cc was delighted to see his grandma and grandpa and charged about nonstop. soon after they said farewell today he asked 'snuggle up mummy. sleep with me.' so we curled up on the settee together until his little snores took over and he finally found some rest.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

the men folk.

toy trucks. the smell of oil. big and little pants. miniature rubber dinosaurs. bottled beers. wooden train tracks. huge muddy footprints. there is no doubting that our home is filled with men folk. sometimes cc will carry his toy trains to baby clement. making a collection on his sheepskin rug. ready for the day the littlest man in the house is big enough to join in on their fun.

clem wide eyed and attentive this morning.
cc humming and clutching his tiny dinosaur before todays storm arrived.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

thirty nine.

friday was cc's pa's birthday. 
it is amazing a whole year has passed since we toasted to him last year
this time round cc helped make a handsome yellow butter cake. we topped it with a chocolate sour cream frosting and fresh berries. I told cc his pa was turning thirty nine and he said 'oh no mummy no, turty nine is too many old'.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

in big boy pants.

six days ago cc said farewell to his daytime nappies and started telling folks 'im a big brother boy now. in pants'. it is wonderful how far he has come in that time. two tough days at the start and then he started to truly get it. his twirling celebratory 'poopa' dance is now one of his favourite moments. 

.their sunday ride on cc's pa's bicycle.
.a corner of mabel's cluttered kitchen.
.cc's 'magic' ferry ticket, given to him by a moustached, suited inspector.

Monday, 5 August 2013

ten weeks and two days.

ten weeks and two days have passed since clem arrived.
since the middle of the night taxi ride to hospital
followed by that first cuddle with his big brother. 
sometimes it feels as if we have been a family of four forever.
today cc stroked him saying 'i love you clem-ent. i love you my brother'.
happy seventy two days old clement frank.