Monday, 29 July 2013

sundays picnic.

cc and his pa filled the weekend with adventures in the nova scotian outdoors.
seated on the back of his pa's bicycle, cc talked away as they set off to play at the park, meet friends at the lake and stop at a cafe or two. though clem is too little for bicycle escapades we did take a sunday evening stroll as a foursome, and decided to settle on some grass for a takeaway supper. while clem snoozed in the carrier his big brother couldn't sit still and wanted to shoo away any insects with his straw. he tapped his sandal-ed toes and called 'antsy, antsy go away home. come back 'nother time'.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

our day.

two tattoo-ed gentlemen, ahead of us in the coffee queue, turned to admire this little mister today. the taller gent wore wonderful, tasseled shoes and spoke fluent french, soothing eight week old clement with his rolling r's and worldly tones.

this morning cc attended a cookery class with two of his lovely girl friends. he couldn't wait to wear the tiny black apron and clutch a wooden spoon. they 'made' lemonade, mixed together a salad and cut melons into miniature mid-week stars.

Friday, 19 July 2013

one fine day.

there have been moments during this past week that were super tough. 
the hardest times yet. though it is wonderful to have these two boys, managing to get through the day when you know there's tomorrow, and the next day, and the ones after that to can feel overwhelming. so each morning we try to find one lovely thing to do, so that no matter what happens, we know that when we woke we tried to make it one fine day.  

.cc on the front stoop waving his pa off to work.
.a community street gathering around the corner from us.
.drawings in one of the nicest ice-cream parlours.
.on dartmouth front watching the ferry come in.
.cc holding an unsettled little clem.

Monday, 15 July 2013

sundays cake.

for cc sunday turned out to be his chocolate cake day.
it started mid-morning down at the farmers market, where he found a stall selling miniature cupcakes and contentedly traded his two dollar coin for one. then sat studying it for ten minutes before announcing 'this ones good mama', striking his arm up in the air.
it continued at an afternoon party for his friend pablo, whose lovely ma had made the handsome-est of all cakes. so he settled in the shade, fork in fist, and munched away. maybe we will start a tradition of making sunday cc's cake day.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

seven weeks.

this littlest of fultons is seven weeks old today. he hiccups alot, turns his head to the sound of his big brother and suddenly is wide awake at the stroke of midnight. he still loves nursing and is happiest tucked up in the carrier drifting in and out of sleep.

this master cc is changing so much. he tries to pick up his little brother, has suddenly stopped napping (so is always tired) and is constantly saying 'oh no, what happened'. he loves hunting for bugs in the garden and is happiest sat on his pa's shoulders saying 'morning' to folk passing by.  

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

to dartmouth, to dartmouth.

the ferry ride across the bay to dartmouth is one of cc's favourite trips. sometimes I would pretend that wonderful, smog filled hackney was the other side of the water and that we were stepping off the ferry to meet old friends, hear cockney accents and wander cobbled streets. cc and his pa are content with the surroundings we have here. so now, instead of hoping for the past, I try to find the good in the nova scotian things all around us.
cc was in heaven on the ferry ride. calling 'all aboard, all aboard' the whole way. we wandered along the old railway track and through the quiet streets then stopped for coffees and oatmeal cookies at this cafe. clem starred around wide eyed while cc charmed their muscular, tattoo-ed staff and the thundery showers soaked folk outside. 

Friday, 5 July 2013

at the farm: part two.

some more from our morning at the canadian farm.
those escaping billy goats and the pony ride are still in cc's thoughts. he seemed so natural on the pony. his sandaled feet tucked in tight and little fists casually holding the saddle. "come on buttons" he kept saying "come on, good buttons."

Thursday, 4 July 2013

at the farm.

this morning we woke feeling sleep deprived. little clements night wakings and persistent tears are taking their toll on us all. its tough on cc too so we decided to take him out of the city for some countryside air. cc's pa rented an automobile and we set off to this nearby farm. the ride there was scorching and filled with more tears as tunes about beat up trucks and lonesome cowboys played on the radio. 
the sign to the farm raised our spirits. cc couldn't wait to pad through the dust in his sandals and meet all the farm folk. he strutted up to the donkeys, tried to sup water with the goats and followed a tufty black pig into his pen. chocolate ice-creams, a pony ride and a billy goat chase made it the perfect adventure for cc. thank you hatfield farm for a top morning. we hope to come see you again one day soon. 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

oh nova scotia

the streets were lined with folk on monday for the annual canada day tattoo parade. scottish misters dressed in kilts tooted on their bagpipes, canadian mounties strutted past on horseback and burly policemen climbed a'top vintage motorcycles in pyramid form receiving ooo's from all. the sidewalks were filled with seated little folk, eagerly waving flags. clem managed to sleep peacefully through all the merriment while cc and his friends had a wonderful time. oh nova scotia, it was a fine morning, thank you.