Monday, 29 April 2013

a toast to spring

the seasons seemed to finally change this weekend. saturday morning we woke to spring time warmth, together with that stiff nova scotian wind. sometimes weekends sprint on past and cc's pa's back at work before we have made the most of having him home. thankfully this weekend was the opposite. filled with family walks, a trip to the farmers market, a tasty saturday supper with friends, time down by the waterfront, trips to the skatepark and still fitting in some decorating and gardening at home in mabel. it was a lovely few days with the two fulton gentlemen. thank you for arriving spring time.

.cc and daffodils on our street
.watching the canadian skater moves
.sunday morning by the sea
.cc's pa tucking into homemade pizza
.cc doing a jig down at the market. he could have twirled all day.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

around mabel

mist. then dense fog. storm clouds. thundering rain. finally today sunshine. 
the seasons are really muddled up in nova scotia right now. mabel is our haven.

.cc's trainers drying off after a soaking
.preparing baby clothes and looking out at the rain
.snoozes tucked up in the stroller
.deer and cc at bath time
.the wall by our bed

Saturday, 20 April 2013

french toast

this morning called for french toast. and coffees. taken in a booth at the nearby tea rooms. cc was filled with morning beans and not able to sit still for long. so his pa read storybooks while he sipped juice and stacked up the miniature preserves. the waitress asked if we are expecting a baby boy or girl. cc tells everyone "no. its a baby duck." 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

its saturday

cc doffs his toque to the weekend and shouts yay, yay its saturday...
hope you have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

stormy tuesday

cc and I listened to the storm in the bath tub tonight. the sound of the hail then rain on the rooftops always seems comforting. more so when we are soaking in the tub sharing camomile tea. baby bump takes up so much room now its a tight squeeze to share the tub with mister cc. still this tuesday night soak was a lovely one.

pictures from the last few days:
.the wooden floor upstairs that we stencil painted over the weekend.
.wonderful barbra streisand record sleeve in a nearby antiques store.
.this store is sadly nearly always closed, but has some real treasures inside. the vintage chandelier would look so handsome hung over our old dining table. and the hand knitted zebra would soon settle into cc's arms...

Saturday, 6 April 2013

cotton tail

the sounds of cotton tail by ella fitzgerald and mr duke ellington have been filling mabel's rooms this week. cc bobs around the settee, tapping his wooden toys to the beat. baby bump has suddenly grown again and moves so much to the cotton tail tune too. the seasons are still muddled up as snow, hail, stormy winds then sunshine swap to and fro.

.an eight month baby bump. feels like space is running out in there.
.cc loves taking his 's' car for a ride over the bump.
.swollen feet on the old and stained wooden floorboards upstairs.
.a homemade two foot stencil ready to hand paint on to the wooden floor.
.cc in his bonnet munching chocolate eggs.

Monday, 1 April 2013

farewell march

farewell to march. to the snowstorms and tantrums and time lost to sickness.
and a toast to april. to the hope of spring and the adventures waiting to be had.

pictures are from the past week and our easter weekend:
cc could chase pigeons all afternoon.
a trip to one of our all time favourite coffee spots.
cc and folk hunt for chocolate eggs in a friends back yard.
as cc's pa practices hula hooping.
little ruby's magical circus tent.

happy april first from a stormy nova scotia.