Thursday, 28 February 2013

farewell february

dear february,
during your winter month nova scotian temperatures stayed minus.
cc started stringing more words together in his wonderful way.
mabel was rearranged with framed pictures, secondhand finds and tea towel covered stools.
cc's pa worked hard and toasted that work with his whisky wednesdays.
maytime baby bump swelled and moved and started making sleeping tough.
cc asked to make cottage cheese pancakes many times. 
twenty eight days passed and still there is snow on the ground.
farewell february. now we dream of spring. 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

the sometimes snack

sometimes things can't wait. 
sometimes when tiredness hits it all seems desperate. 
sometimes a mid staircase snack is the most wonderful thing in the world - according to this two and a bit year old mister. 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

cc's bed

it was only minus two outside today. and there was no nova scotian wind. that felt nice. cc bade farewell to his cot this week and settled into his wooden toddler bed (a secondhand find on kijiji). so far he seems to think it is wonderful and tugs my sweater saying "come mama. see cauds new bed. nice bed. good sleeps."

cc supping munk - his word for milk.
baby is tumbling and turning inside. bump is swelling outside.
stacks of wooden cubes and cc's family of deer.
cc and his new bed.

Monday, 18 February 2013

ten ten ten.

"two four sixy eighty. ten ten ten."
the sound of cc counting to his own tune has filled our home recently.
he is all about the numbers. touching toes, tiles, miniature trucks, and saying their orders aloud in the topsy turvy way that makes him smile. 
another storm arrived so we spent the weekend sharing food with good friends, taking short walks and trying to make some small changes to the tired corners of mabel. 

a collection above the fireplace.
mabel's kitchen tiles transformed from a strange turquoise colour to charcoal black. cc's pa's not sure of my handywork. hopefully in time he'll love it.
cc on our tea and cake date at julien's patisserie.
walking downtown with the two men folk this morning.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

toast and tortoises

cc has returned to starting his day at five am.
filling mabel with the sounds of trains and requests for toast while it is still total darkness outside. and somehow he still manages to race about all the day long. so we are sleepy and dream of hibernating the rest of this week out.

cc's pa outside snowy mabel. tortoise watching with friends at the museum. tuesday morning breakfast. tired cc in the bathtub.

Sunday, 10 February 2013


the snowstorm arrived. cc's pa has been out in his wellington boots and bobble hat, shifting and digging pathways through the tall drifts. the sound of machinery fills our street, and the tck tck of folks snow shovels scraping on front stoops.
cc isn't too keen on the snow this time. he didn't want to head out saying "snow tall mama. too tall". though with the help of his pa he did make it down the road to our nearby cafe for coffee and toast this morning. 
nova scotia copes so well with these storms. the wooden houses and tree lined streets seem almost ready for anything. 

Friday, 8 February 2013

that gray motorcar

friday. and the week passed quietly.
those nova scotian temperatures scooped down to minus twenty five this week. meaning most of our time was still spent at home in mabel reading storybooks, stewing apples and trying to have some sleep.
at the grocery store today folk were dashing to and fro, filling their trucks with food in anticipation of the snowstorm headed our way tonight. cc found this tiny gray car and hasn't let it out of his sight since.
"gray motorcar mama. nice motorcar mama. like grandpa's. its good one."

Monday, 4 February 2013

sausages and woodsmoke

it snowed on saturday night. and again on sunday. so mabel is hidden under a heap of cold white. cc and his pa trekked through it together and folk came out with shovels and sacks of grit. the gentleman who lives two doors down has been cutting up wood while their chimney huffs out smoke. the woodsmoke smells lovely.

today we stayed at home. cc twirled around in my fur hat to this tune. then watched two cats tip toe along the snowy front stoop. it was a day of naps. of cooking sausages on mabel's stove top. and settling down with cc under his tartan blanket to read this book. it was a good monday.