Thursday, 31 January 2013

sixy clock kiss

his kisses. they are a wonderful mid morning pick up. or any time of day pick up. the little mister loves handing out kisses right now. and wearing his soft bonnet indoors. and saying the time.

"ask me time mama"
"okay. what's the time claude?"
"it's sixy clock mama. now kiss."

no matter the time, it is always sixy clock in his world.
and always the time for another kiss.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

some things

a collection of some of the trusted things that helped us through this snowy month:

the green-eyed mouse storybook by bob gill
square spiral bound hardcover notebook (has to have ten spirals)
black fine nib pen
vintage cream and gold rose saucer, from spitalfields market
almond and milk softening soap
nova scotian natural lavender bag
cc's mustard coloured pom pom hat
the softest giraffe, cc has slept with him since birth
type-written recipe cards
the love object by edna o'brien
miniature shea butter hand cream
my grandma's vintage silver fork
homemade chorizo and tomato stew
glass teaplate from london's caravan store
cc's toy tin truck and playmobil deer
these wonderful non-toxic stackable crayons
boxed gray chalk sticks
full fat milk in cc's tiny number eight cup
two homemade oatmeal cookies
and a serving tile decorated with sepia pictures of my grandparents.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

those minus temperatures

those minus temperatures have been hitting us hard. mabel's antique radiators are tinking and huffing to keep us warm. as outside the nova scotian streets have stayed between minus ten and minus twenty all week.
cc has been counting in even numbers (he doesn't seem to like the odd), making friends with a tabby cat who now meows on our front stoop each morning, drawing trucks with his pa, and is currently in love with his little yak card.
my sweaters are stretching taut over baby bump as its now more of a struggle to fit into things. and all night long those tiny feet are kicking and prodding and tumbling around. maybe cc's little sibling to be is an athlete in the making.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

one year ago today

taken one year ago today.
cc in our terraced basement flat back in hackney town.
he was fourteen months old. 
favoured croissants, falafel and cheese on toast. 
was still happily nursing. 
had recently started walking.
spent his days down with the animals at the city farm. hiding at the museum of childhood. sharing pancakes at a nearby cafe.

so much has happened to our family in the past year. it is amazing. 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

a note from cc: a'top his pa

cc says:
taking walks on the weekend is my favourite as I get to ride a'top my pa's shoulders. this makes me taller than all the other folk we pass. sometimes I tap my snowboots to make us go faster. sometimes I peer into the fir trees we pass and hunt for chickadees. on today's walk we trekked through the commons. I nestled into my pa's soft grey hat and we disappeared into the sunday fog.

Friday, 18 January 2013

snowstorms and toques

the temperatures have tumbled this week. some days filled with storms and thick falling snow. then freeze, thaw and re-freeze. folk trot down the streets decked out in tufty boots, thermals and soft knitted hats, or 'toques' as a lovely friend here taught me to call them.

cc in his sheepskin lined stroller.
tiny fir tree in mabel's back yard.
a lovely, affordable second hand bookstore on agricola street.
mabel's stairway and a humming cc.
wooden storage cabinet.
the two toque wearing fulton gentlemen, stood on our snow filled street.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

tat ta tuesday

tuesday came around so swiftly. sometimes I wonder how time can roll on past and my hopeful notes of things to do stays firmly unticked. cc's pa was shooting the maud lewis home in the city's art gallery today. the wooden house is tiny and exquisite. the shingles, front door, stove and staircase inside are all covered with the late folk artist's paintings.
on our walk home cc and I stopped to snoop around this derelict corner store. it is a stones throw from mabel's front stoop, and I have this feeling it could be the perfect spot to open a store. tiled wooden crates stacked up, a counter serving smoky teas and cheese scones and a tee-pee corner for the little folk. thoughts of running a store filled the evening as cc ate his tea and we said tat ta to another tuesday.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

our family - the monthly shoot

taking pictures of cc and our surroundings for this blog is something I really love doing. though as soon as cc's pa reaches into his camera trunk and turns a camera on me I always find a reason to shy away. this weekend I realised just how few photographs we have of our family of three (and a half) together, and felt things should change. so we made a promise to take a monthly family shot, then set the self timer and settled down on mabels front stoop for the first fulton family portrait.

cc decided trousers weren't needed for the shoot. his sunday attire was knitted tights, angora bonnet, tartan lined coatblack rubber boots and toto, his cardboard dinosaur.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

around mabel

it is nearly five months since we said farewell to the rented home on the sinister street. to the furry trespassers who wouldn't budge. and to the kooky tin foil gentleman next door. now mabel is our home. our wooden cavern filled with special tit and tat that represents each member of our little family.

this handsome book has sat dusty in a nearby bookstore for months. hopefully one day soon it will move in to mabel too...

Sunday, 6 January 2013

january snow

its still snowing here in nova scotia. six days into the new year and hundreds of snowy footsteps taken. cc likes twirling around in the back yard. those miniature boots of his sink into the soft snow making trail marks that soon disappear. mabel is keeping us warm with her antique radiators that tinker and hum as the heat is turned up.

despite sneezes and cc's stubborn cold it has been a good few days -
saturday morning wander and coffees taken at this cafe with lovely ines.
a trip to see this art exhibition with cc and his pa.
sunday brunch here at mabel with a top couple, who happen to also be expecting their second baby this year.
an afternoon session baking this tasty cake with cc.
resting on the settee while watching the snow silently fall.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

those macaroons

this month and new year has had a wobbly start. after having the wonderful ultrasound and cocoa date with cc's pa, some aches and sickness set in. the next two days were spent with stomach flu. since then the snow and freezing temperatures have kept us tucked up indoors. cc has taken to helping out in the kitchen. mashing, stirring and tipping all sorts while stood tip toes on his wooden stool.
a wonderful friend tapped at mabel's door this evening with a get well soon gift. a square box of six lovely macaroons. cc shuffled them as if they were miniature cards, then stacked them up. then we shared some after supper, happy as can be.