Wednesday, 28 November 2012

the day that was

tuesday was a day we couldn't wait to be over. cc had an operation arranged at the hospital and no matter how much folk told us it would be fine, we had been worrying nonstop. thankfully cc did wonderfully. the surgeon, dr romao, was tall and kind. the anesthesia guys were bearded and funny. and in no time at all cc was awake and back in our arms.
settled under a quilt back at home we snoozed together as a family. then to mark my turning one year older we shared popcorn, the sweetest pineapple and a fish and chips supper. 
after dusk cc slept as I spent the night finishing this seasonal collage. thank you tuesday for passing as smoothly as could be hoped. a toast is raised to you cc for being such a brave little mister. we are so proud of you. 

Sunday, 25 November 2012

to market, to market

the farmers market here is packed with folk all weekend. stalls are filled with seasonal goods - apples tumbling out of sacks alongside freshly picked sprouts and displays of cranberries. pickled beets and homemade chutneys, tender meat pies and canadian turkeys, tied neatly together in rows.
cc's pa headed straight to the bakery and found croissants and flattened pepitos for us to share. these were followed with sups of locally made apple cider and some saturday smiles as cc twirled to the tune of the folk music for all the crowds to see.

market bought macaroons and smokey tea.
a corner inside the huge market. they say it is the oldest farmers market in north america. (and maybe a few of the moustached gentlemen who founded it still frequent it today..)
making beef cannelloni for saturday supper.
sleepy cc's night time hand signals.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

making and playing

something about this nova scotian week has filled mabel with the festive spirit. the fall in night time temperatures makes dawn thick with snow white frost. cc's pa brews his morning coffee to the hum of the winter wonderland tune. while cc struts his miniature donkey around the house.
these pictures are from our making and playing today.
the hard covers of these worn out canadian books (a huge stack from the library sale cost just two dollars) make sturdy backgrounds for collages. tin bells are strung onto brown twine and golden thread to decorate mabel's fireplace.
cc and his friend markus meet up at the commons. they chase. then slide. then hunt for stuff in the stones. then we wander home and settle down at the table for some tuesday chicken soup.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

it is a shame to say

..we are still sans sleep in the mabel house. cc's turning two has really thrown everything upside down. so instead of sleeping we are soaking in chamomile suds. snacking on toasted cheese and tomato pitas. sifting through black and white photographs. then sketching on cc's wall. now it must be time to rest.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

the sleepless season

this week cc decided he no longer needs to snooze in the day. turning two seems to have made him reluctant to curl up in his bed at night time too. so we will re-name this dark month the sleepless season. mabel is surviving his little foot stomps and sudden tears well, and we fill our time making drawings, sharing banana and buttermilk bread, toasting cups of vanilla milk and reading this lovely new book, sent from cc's greatest great aunt.
here was the sleepy mister this afternoon. settled at my desk, typing out his thank you notes and twiddling his toes to the tunes of monsieur trenet. hopefully sleep will arrive at mabel's door soon.  

Friday, 9 November 2012



cc turned two today. it was a lovely, simple day spent as a family with cc's pa. the day started super early with milky pre-dawn coffees and toast (cut into unicorn and shooting star shapes for the birthday mister).
happy birthday was sung again and again through cardboard moustaches on wooden sticks. balloons were blown, chased and popped to bits. together with his pa, he proudly puffed out his two candles and cake was shared. parcel paper was torn open to the sound of 'oooo' as a wooden puppet and wonderful card from his aunty meg tumbled out.
then suited up in storm gear we headed out into the thundering rain, to a nearby store where cc chose a truck of his dreams.
happy birthday to a truly remarkable little mister. we love you so.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

from the countryside

some final pictures from our stay in the devon countryside. seeing cc stomp about on the sandy beach, digging holes and wetting his wellington boots at the waters edge was lovely. he fell even more in love with his aunty amy, trundling hand in hand with her past the farm to stroke the horses and call out to the flock of 'sheeeps'. he also hunted for owls in the woodlands, following his grandpa's twit twoo's, then would return home for sweet cakes and storytimes with grandma. 
so we tip our soft caps to you handsome english countryside, and as cc does his merry dance we thank you for such a special time away. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

home to mabel

we have traveled home to mabel and the wintry nova scotian soil. cc spent the whole day traveling sans sleep, so finally falling into the land of nod last night felt lovely for him and me. we were seated next to a kind gentleman on the aeroplane ride home. he was called malcolm, and wore a fawn coloured suit with a spotted kerchief in the top pocket that cc tugged in and out for the entire journey. 
this picture is of cc and his great nanna hilda, an amazing lady who it was particularly sad to say farewell too. we shared cups of tea, homemade cake and scrabble, with cc merrily offering her kisses before each visit ended then calling 'byee hilda byee'. 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

happy november

the countryside feels full of jack frost and the comforts of the season. the clocks turned back here so dusk falls earlier and days are filled with soft sweaters, thick socks and steaming cups of tea. it has been lovely to rest with family and stay away from telephones and computers for a little while.
these pictures were taken last week, at a special meet up with hackney friends who were down in the country too. seeing little daphne and her lovely ma made us so happy. we know we will miss them so much once we return to nova scotia, so these moments will keep us smiling for a long time. happy november to one and all.