Friday, 31 August 2012

a note from cc

as it is the end of the month I thought I would take over from mama and type a few words to say farewell to august. 
this month was an important one as we moved into our own home. I named her mabel.  she is wooden and so handsome and surrounded by trees that are even older than my two grandpa's. now I am almost twenty two months old I feel that anything is possible. this was my month.

my final snack at tumbledown, our old home that was filled with mice.
my great grandparents settling in on my new bedroom wall here.
found a top side car, then turned away for a bit of a scratch. 
standing in the cool doorway of the freezer until someone sees.
taking many night time soaks in the suds.
helping pa toast his birthday.
perching on a stool, pretend supping milky tea in the park. 
exploring towering nova scotian grasses.
traveling in elevators with ma so I can push the tiny buttons. 
sitting down for mealtimes at my table in our new home. 

so many adventures have happened this month. I think I will remember them for a really long time. 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

these days

making cardboard moustaches. digging in the backyard mud. 
sharing homemade pancakes while watching the aristocats. this is how we have spent these past few days. we are taking time slow at home, trying not to spend any notes and making creative meals from old leftovers. 
there is an organic store hidden off our street, only a few yards from mabels front stoop. inside is like a tiny cave, scattered with baskets of corn and onions, then rows of wooden shelves stacked high with cider vinegar, tinned chickpeas and seasonings. cc wasn't sure about leaving empty handed, but we will definitely return.

this was cc inside the store, and a row of the tempting vinegar.
one of our cut-out moustaches
and cc playing with toto his dinosaur and my black boots, that remind me of strolling around hackney cobbles back in the day. 

Monday, 27 August 2012

more seaside and coffee too

some more seaside pictures. it was such a tranquil time, even with so many little folk running around. they all busied themselves dipping toes in and out of the ocean, playing ball, pushing trucks and having cat naps in the sand. cc hid from the heat in the shade of the tent, racing out once in a while to see what his little friends, tanned as can be, were up to. we are so happy to have gone on that trip and thankful to have made such lovely friends so soon after moving here.
the nova scotian sun was still shining strong the following morning as we strolled out for strong coffee and toast. we went down to the good food emporium, an independent cafe at the end of our street, filled with wooden booths and shelves of dusty books. cc was in top spirits, devouring their homemade buttermilk bread and finding a storybook or two to read.

here was cc, trying on some sunglasses at the beach.
folk dotted around the sands.
cc in his sandals, strolling across the dried out seaweed.
the littlest member of the outing beside her tanned ma.
and here is cc feeding his pa at breakfast on sunday.
then reading a found book together.
toast all gone, cc closes the book and asks to head for home.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

the seaside

traveling to this beach on saturday morning made me stop and appreciate the soul of nova scotia. the forests of towering trees and occasional wooden homes and shacks, made any longings for hackney streets momentarily disappear.
it was a real gathering of young families on the sands, arranged by some lovely friends. ten adults, eight little folk, and two autumn ready baby bumps too. cc's pa swam in the cool ocean, sandcastles were made, shoulder rides enjoyed and picnic's shared. the trip also made us realise how having an automobile of our own could lead to many adventures for us here. there is so much to see and countless road trips to be had.

looking out to sea from the shady tent.
cc taking rides on his pa.
the pa and littlest member of the lovely embree family, who invited us.
cc and his truck.
sandy toes and making castles.
sandcastles and ocean waves.
the woodlands and waving grasses surrounding the beach.
and me and a sleepy cc on the sands, getting ready to head on home.

farewell clam harbour beach and thank you for a lovely time. we hope to see you again soon.

Thursday, 23 August 2012


this season is tumbling on by. the constant sweltering temperatures roll one day straight into the next. soon the weekend will be here again and cc's pa will be home to share these summer antics.

cc and I made a trip to the national history museum. the air inside was cool and he followed the ancient tortoise around with a 'toot-ell toot-ell'. here he was by the american eagle and the suspended sharks.
some playtime in the tunnel at our favourite little park on the way home.
then some collage making for me. sitting at the table, cutting and measuring. making pen drawings of much missed hackney terraces and sifting through sepia photographs as cc snored away upstairs. all this followed by a toddy out on the veranda with beautiful ines. it was lovely.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


mud mud mud. cc seems to love it. squatting in it. searching for worms in it. making small towers from it. today he sought out the murkiest puddle on the commons then spent ages searching for stuff in it. to cc it was the size of a miniature pond.
here he was tugging weeds whilst slowly soaking himself in the muddy waters.
two hours and one mud-caked little mister later we were home taking a shower together. his first ever shower. he stomped about inside, sliding the steamy doors to and fro and tapping his toes in the oatmeal suds.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

cc and his pa

seeing cc and his pa together is always wonderful.
and more so now that his pa works into the night so many times.
cc loves being read to, and settles onto his pa's lap for a story at any chance moment.

this was them, sat in the street beside java cafe, on saturday. this is one of our top cafes and the lovely staff always swoon over cc as he stands on tiptoes to see over the counter.
smokey tea for me and homemade waffles for the boys to share.
cc twirling and knocking books everywhere, then trying to hide himself behind the armchair.
a trip to the maritime museum down by the waterfront. these life size sepia cut-outs of figures from the past were wonderful. it would be nice to fill mabel with cut-outs of our ancestors.
and cc soaking in the warm suds tonight, saying farewell to sunday and another special weekend with his pa.

Friday, 17 August 2012

friday scrumping

since we moved our little family into mabel things have stayed calm. these august days start with bird song and cc trailing his storybooks across the hallway into our room. our mattress suddenly transforms into his trampoline and any trace of sleep and rest disappears.
more storms arrived today so we stayed in, making buttermilk waffles and twirling to the tunes of granville williams, till the gray skies passed and we could head out for a wander.

here is cc under a wonderful apple tree on monastery lane, two moments from mabel's front step. he stooped and squatted, collecting damaged apples that had fallen in the storms. they were mostly the size of plums and sat tight in his little fist. our first nova scotian scrump.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

the carpenter

diesel, sweetened coffee and sawdust. that is how the carpenter smells. he arrived soon after eight this morning and headed straight for the back yard to start fixing up a wooden fence. he has a dented tin toolbox, is a grandfather and has a sturdy frame, as if maybe he used to play rugby. 
cc has taken a shine to him and follows him up and down the narrow path, watching as wood and buckets are ferried to and fro. tugging worms and sticks out from the ground cc then deposited them into the freshly dug holes, filling in ruts sooner than the carpenter could dig them. the oatmeal coloured truck filled with wood out front pleased cc too, as he perched on the veranda and announced to any folk walking by 'trukk trukk see a soo'. 
tomorrow the carpenter will return to continue his work and cc is sure to try and settle into the mud and stones for another morning as a little nova scotian apprentice.  

Sunday, 12 August 2012


mabel made us feel all at home in the saturday storms. cc's pa fixed up the secondhand wooden shutters on the front windows, while cc and I scrubbed floors and tugged at the dandelions out back. tuning in to an old sean connery film on netflix, we painted the downstairs rooms a snowy white, then shared cocoa before bed.
today some kind friends and their little girl millie dropped by with house warming gifts to toast our first full weekend living here.
wooden picture frames are resting all around the house. it still feels too soon to tap a nail into the wall. cc's pa isn't sure of the 'clutter' and is all in for the neat and tidy look, whereas I feel more at ease with the topsy turvy, slightly run down style. we will see what happens...

here is a school picture of my nanna, circled on the left, taken at samford arundell in somerset. this copy has been enlarged from the original sepia photograph, and it is very special to me.
more frames resting against the window panes that overlook the soft cream blooms and summery back garden.
mabel's authentic brass doorknob, on our handsome, black front door.
miniature artichokes, sweet tatties and onions gather in brown bags atop the canadian sized fridge.
the back entrance way, with steps leading down to the basement. through the turquoise door is the garden. since we arrived I have been hoping to peel away the colourful paint in this area. cc's pa aims to save it, so we are still deciding what to do here...
and this was cc on saturday, taking shade in the woodlands on our way to a cafe. talking to any passers-by he now adds a 'see-a-soo, see-a-soo' to his farewell, and awaits their warm see you soon reply.