Tuesday, 31 July 2012

moving home

moving week is finally here! cc and I have been trekking across the bay to dartmouth to meet with the suited lawyer, signing final papers then traveling back to tumbledown to continue packing. 
at tea time yesterday the keys were handed over and our little family officially owned a home. we are setting off there soon to meet a carpenter and clean up ready to move our things in. it is amazing.

cc has been hiding in boxes and helpfully sifting through (better known as throwing around) carefully stacked rows of books. here he was resting in a box on the weekend.
a cheese burger from our a & w take away on sunday, which was so tasty. and cc's stained top after the burger feast.
and cc on the sidewalk yesterday morning on our way to the new wooden home.
we will take some pictures of it soon.

Friday, 27 July 2012

renovators resource

there is a store on the street next to ours that is often filled with gentlemen. some gents wear tanned overalls with carpentry tools swinging like pistols from their waistbands. some others are suited up in torn denim and worn baseball caps.
from the men gathered outside you could assume it is a certain type of hows your father store. it is actually a cave of reclaimed building materials, filled with salvaged cabinets, beautiful old bathtubs, delicate screws and hinges, and wooden chapel pews.

since we are moving home so soon it seemed like a good day to stop in away from the murky storm clouds. the whole store smells of wood chips and tobacco. today the guy behind the counter serenaded us with a country and western tune on his guitar as we browsed. cc of course twirled and clapped him and left tiny footprints in the dust.
this was cc once we arrived back home, sat up to his miniature tiled table for a snack of soya milk and homemade trail mix of dried fruits, banana chips and cereal.
and after an afternoon of packing a sleepy cc at supper time tonight, transfixed by a sepia film of a smouldering marlene dietrich.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


for months cc has sucked on the wrong end of the toothbrush, or tried to comb his hair with it. sometimes he gripped it between his toes or stroked his pa's chest with it. 

somehow tonight, following oh so many distraction techniques, the little mister has gotten the hang of it. asking ta-teets, ta-teets (his way of saying toothbrush) and sitting upright in the chamomile suds, he contentedly scrubbed away at his tiny set of teeth, then swallowed all the mild toothpaste froth down with a smile. so tonight will be remembered for the time our handsome cc finally made friends with his special ta-teets.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

toots and tea

toots and the maytals on the wireless, cc swinging to and fro to the tunes and a teapot of sweet brew resting on the table. that is how our sunday morning started. and then we took a family walk...

cc sat by the calm ocean this morning.
a wooden home two streets from us that we pass each day. when we moved here it was almost a shack - now the wooden exterior is nearly complete.
cornflowers sprouting up from cracks in the sidewalk. cc's little hands love to pick these.
the final morning to see the tall ships in the harbour and folk waved and cheered as a celebratory parade stomped on by.

now it is eight pm, cc is sleeping soundly and his pa and I are making arrangements for our impending move - to the wooden home we will soon own. the time when we can say farewell to our sinister neighbours and the resident furry trespassers. it will be wonderful.

Friday, 20 July 2012

home and garden

it seems the world has descended on nova scotia. this morning both downtown halifax and dartmouth, across the bay, were heaving with coffee supping folk lining up to view the notorious tall ships. there seemed to be a hundred too many sweaty gentlemen trampling to see, and so cc and I turned homeward and settled for a day as a twosome instead. no doubt cc's pa will lead us back to see the wonderful wooden boats tomorrow.

so here are some pictures from our sleepy afternoon in home and garden.
this is the back of tumbledown with cc mounting his colourful bicycle.
a sepia collage from my john stezaker collection book, that is filled with his dreamy work.
cc settled on the rug, balancing his mustard and black circus hat.
some mauve coloured flowers cc collected from the street, sat in the kitchen alcove along with the potted sage plant.
and on the dining table a cut out of cc's pa as a toddler sat on his own dad's knee. cc has that same smile and looks like him more and more. 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

toasted anything

toasted anything. that is cc's staple. granary toast with butter, toasted cheese slices and sweet potato cakes dusted in bread crumbs. sometimes we see other little folk feasting on a whole allotment's worth of lovely, fresh goodness and are filled with terrible anxiety. what if cc will never start trying these foods?
so we carry on, offering clementines and plums, pumpkins and beans, in the hope that one day he will savour them.

side parting cc at breakfast time this morning.
soon after we wandered down to the waterfront to see the tall ships. the shade was so hard to find, though the searing temperatures didn't stop cc from twirling to the beatbox tune, making even the smooth, sneaker-wearing break dancers pause mid move to clap him.
this was our afternoon snack, shared while reading do you want to be my friend? cc adores lions, he makes a rumbling roar in anticipation before the page is turned. and this creature by eric carle is one of the most handsome.
and here is a snap by cc's pa, of the little mister attempting to comb his hair in the bath tub. sleep tight.

Monday, 16 July 2012

from the weekend

settling cc for sleep these past few nights has been the toughest its been for seasons. suddenly he's no longer content to gently fall asleep after curling up for a fairytale, instead tears are streaming and its hours before he finally nods off. i'd forgotten how all consuming sleepless nights can feel. thankfully this weekend was filled with lovely daytime meet ups to take our mind off it.

this gathering was for cc's friend pablo's third birthday party. his super talented ma made an amazing spread and the park was filled with cheers and shrieks from ball games and water pistols chases.
this was cc kitted out in shorts, stripes and suspenders. he clapped away in the dappled shade before considering his heap of raisins.
here pablo, in navy sandals and light blue polo shirt, and his little folk line up for the amazing homemade chocolate cake.
and this was cc drawing on the road the day before. the two streets near us were closed to traffic for a community street party where teepees were filled for storytimes, stalls sold samosas and ginger beer and residents covered the tarmac with a permanent painted mural. so many wonderful goings on for our sleepy little family of three to attend together. thank you nova scotia.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

tiles, tubs and automobiles

two streets away from tumbledown is the wonderful turnstile pottery co-op. it currently has around eight members, all serious ceramists, who take turns to run the lovely little store filled with their wares. they also hold classes for folk interested in honing their skills.

these are some of the clay tiles I cut out at this weeks drop in session. the face of the tiles are a tad bumpy. handling the clay is like making pastry and I'm not so good at that. they are now hiding under sheets of newspaper at the studio. once they have completely dried out (in around a month!) they will meet mister kiln.
here is cc in the bath tub on friday night. cooling down from an afternoon spent stomping around in a friend's wooden playhouse.
and this shimmering automobile is a black version of the taupe one cc's grandpa devon drives, so seeing it reminds me of countryside trips taken back home.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

toasting today

some of today's happenings:

.cc stomping and a'twirling in the public gardens 
.meeting cc's pa at two if by sea for a midday coffee 
.standing outside our almost new home and feeling disbelief that it will (hopefully) soon be ours
.talking to lovely, long haired I and feeling what a truly top friend she is
.baking banana bread while cc rolled his trucks over my bare toes
.finding a second hand bookstore in the basement of cc's pa's work and leaving with a teal coloured hardback of tender is the night
.cc nestling up with me on the settee to read beatrix potter tales 
.dusting off two wooden crates then preparing them to soon be tiled
.signing then toasting our mortgage documents with a tot or two of wine
.making macaroni cheese with jackie opel's you send me tune on repeat
.feeling a sense of wonder and amazement that we may soon own our very own wooden nova scotian home - who'd have thought it.

Monday, 9 July 2012

simple days

cc's pa has been working so hard recently, this weekend came as a lovely chance for him and cc to have some gentlemen time. taking walks to the park, sharing buttery toast and reading story books, tale after tale after tale.
cc's words are suddenly coming along. today he has interspersed his tum ta humming with strawberries (sore-brees), tree (teeee), helicopter (corp-ta) plums (um pumms) and crackers (cak-ters). then he'll turn around and say tomorrow or pop corn clear as day.

this was cc early this morning, soaking up the eight o'clock sun while taking a shoulder ride down gottingen street on his pa's way to work.
our simple afternoon snack of croissants and milk, taken on the tiled wooden table while listening to charlie binger's jamaica.
and bath time tonight. since the nova scotian summer has arrived he seems to love submerging himself completely underwater, then rising enough for his little face to bob above and be framed by the chamomile suds.

Friday, 6 July 2012


friday and the trespassers are nesting down for the weekend's antics. they are multiplying at a frightening rate so we are glad to be moving. though we don't yet have a home to move too. the tin hat gentleman next door refused the mouse man entrance to his home, denying the need for help. their musty, seed covered home is the nova scotian answer to grey gardens.
cc has been frowning at the mice noise under his floorboards, and tilting his head to the wood as if to tune into their sounds. he has also been tugging his trousers down in the middle of the supermarket, during walks in the park and on street corners. so we found some miniature black braces, or suspenders as they are named here, to help keep his little bottom covered.

here is cc strutting around in his suspenders and sandals today.
and playing alongside pablo in the afternoon sun.
on the way home we stopped for a coffee and one of cc's favourite zucchini muffins. the stamped take away cups are now sat on top of the freezer and will soon be rinsed out to use as storage for shallots and potted mint.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

one day soon

the second day of this month was an eventful one. cc's pa and I found a home we loved. one that is truly special enough to want to own. so many factors had to fall into place for us to even be able to see this home. somehow though we found it and as soon as we stepped inside we felt that something you feel when you know things are meant to be. there are still many details to sift through, attics and secret cupboards to be investigated, but maybe one day soon cc will be able to stride into that lovely wooden home and know it's his own.

here we are beside the boats on our family expedition last saturday.
this is cc's brown felt bear, alberta, a lovely gift from little v that came all the way to the seaside with us.
and this gentleman digging in the dusk light is one of the two elderly brothers who lives next door. I mentioned his inventive tin foil hat before and wanted to share a glimpse of it.
and finally here was cc in his crimson floored bedroom last night, soaking up the wind from the round humming fan.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

farewell june

sometimes it feels as if we have been in nova scotia for many seasons. its as if the snowfall in april silenced any thoughts from a time before. that our travels to arrive here happened to another family, not ours.
so we tip our caps to bade farewell to june and the wonder of a new month begins.

this weekend we rented an automobile to set off on some miniature canadian road trips with cc's grandma devon.
here they are shading in the woodlands at chocolate lake.
and this is a handsome dory shop on the coast. it would make a top home on wooden stilts to spy the tattooed sailors from.
here is an antique shakes and sundaes sign that we found in an ice creams and bric a brac store. there were also vintage padlocks, kilim cushions and tapestry covered dining chairs for sale.
and this is cc sat at the table with his seaside hair and his stripey cotton shirt, toasting to the next months wonders.