Thursday, 31 May 2012

time moves on

sometimes things are a struggle here. 
cc and I are currently reading his book 'this is paris', with tales of french cats, ancient cathedrals and cafe tabac's. so I imagine that we are there, staying in a wonderful parisian apartment and that we spend our days trawling through the flea markets, visiting museums and soaking up the sound of france. then I remember that we are here, where trespassers abound and time moves so slowly.

this morning we walked downtown with cc's pa, for a coffee and sit by the ocean before he started work. this was handsome mister cc inside the cafe, watching a dalmatian and his moustached owner saunter by. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

the apprentice and the mg

the mouse man came this morning dressed in his tan coloured overalls and navy boots. cc followed him around our house as if he was an apprentice to the trade, teasing tools from his rucksack and pulling them around the wooden floorboards so it was thundering outside and in.

this tortoiseshell cat made cc's morning on our stormy walk. he stooped down to talk cat talk and touched his nose to the window pane until the sound of thunder pulled him away.
opposite the feline's home is this lovely bicycle shop, founded by a gentleman called jack nauss. the mechanics garage next door has had the scarlet automobile outside since we arrived. it is a vintage, soft top mg that seats two. maybe we could somehow squeeze cc's seat into the back then motor off for adventures down the canadian coast.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

still trespassing

cc's pa and I were sat on the settee tonight when more furry trespassers suddenly appeared. all our efforts at keeping them at bay seem to fail. maybe I should bundle up cc and part from these nova scotian rodents for good. it is unsettling unsettling unsettling.

here is cc by the backdoor, taken this morning with his courgette and chocolate muffin smile.
this wooden home is on fuller terrace. the amazing tumbling garden is hidden at the back and is a world within itself. it is such a treat to walk past and wonder at what is hidden within the foliage, perhaps a hedgehog or two rubbing noses by the cornflowers, or maybe a sleepy canadian tortoise.
and here is the wooden floor of a nearby interiors store. from a distance it seems to be mosaic tiles, it is only when you step inside you see it is actually all hand painted on.

Friday, 25 May 2012

tales of nova scotia

there is a wonderful tattoo-ed gentleman who is often sat down by the waterfront. sometimes he sucks a tune on a mouth organ, sometimes he simply taps his rhythm with two sticks. he always doffs his cap to cc who likes to add small stones, instead of coins, to his open trunk. his name is cyril. meeting him made me realise that its such folk that make nova scotia what it is. it made me want to document their tales and make something from it.

this is the takeaway bag from 'two if by sea'. they have two tiny cafes, one either side of the bay. their logo is so delicate. it could be a vintage tattoo, set beneath an anchor on a tanned arm.
and here is cc, taking shade on a tree lined street as he watched two mechanics trying to fix an old truck. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

sixty two one

one thumbed and treasured eva hesse drawings book
two miniature pom pom circus hats that cc twirls round and round in
sixty notebooks documenting sixty months of cuttings and secreted notations

all stored in the musty alcoves, next to the woodstove, in our canadian home

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

host bobby

this morning is super wet. storm clouds have been hovering since dawn and now the sound of thundering rain is filling tumbledown. cc is annoyed that its too wet to go outside. he won't snooze and tossed his two slices of toast under the stove in defiance.

this picture of cc on his pa's shoulders was taken yesterday. it was eight in the morning and the sky was already an amazing indigo blue. cc wandered down a driveway at the corner of bilby street and stumbled across these kooky wooden cabinets in someone's back yard. although we were trespassing the creation looked so bizarre i couldn't resist having a look. hidden inside one of them was an old metal microphone, the type you see on vintage american game shows. 'karaoke by your host bobby' is written in bronze crayon on the right hand side cabinet and trinkets nestled around it. cc's pa was dying to go before 'host bobby' discovered us in his yard. i wonder what type of character bobby is, and what tunes are in his secret set.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

fuller terrace

fuller terrace is two rows away from our street. there are some real traditional wooden homes there with stone steps and wonderful chimneys, then mixed in are some completely modern ones too that have been transformed with tumbling gardens and wide square windows. the terrace is dotted with canadian trees and feels so secure with none of the sinister tootings that happen on our street. 

on saturday morning we passed this yard sale there. the fold up tables were covered with all sorts for sale - tin camping cups, a dart board and some old film cameras. cc spotted a ball with crimson stitching and i found a touch type manual with accompanying records. they came to six dollars. 
cc's pa took this picture of cc out walking today. the temperature was soaring and its only may. cc looked a real mister in his cedar hat and grandad shirt stomping across the cobble stones. 

Friday, 18 May 2012

the trim

this is cc's first trim. it was forced to happen after a soft toffee matted into his curls during a scamper in the park. the toffee had all dried in and wasn't noticed until bath time, so the curls had to be cut. the result is not too good as cc tottered around so much. i hope the trim will settle into itself soon.

the tile is one i made from a fifties sepia photograph that shows my uncle outside my grandparents old devon cottage. the cottage smelt of woodsmoke, sloe gins, and salted peanuts. there was a stream running down one side, turnips in the garden and woodlands across the way. it was a wonderful space to spend time in.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

tawny tuesday

seeing cc's pa's family in america was lovely. although the gathering was for a sad occasion it turned into a wonderful opportunity for many family to finally meet cc. the motor car ride to and fro seemed to take forever, winding through dense woodlands, smooth lakes and tumbling wooden homes. cc's pa sang frero jaqo for miles and miles, then we tuned in to claude vasori's kooky folk music and cc jigged away on the back seat. 

here is a miniature wooden horse that cc's great grandpa carried back from his travels almost sixty years ago. it was one of a set, maybe the norwegian equivalent to russian dolls? it is sat on a small tiled table I made from a sepia family photograph. the tiny size of the horse fits snug into cc's fist where it stayed all the ride home. the tawny colour matches the cardigan cc is wearing today, and also his auburn hair. if today was to be a colour it would be a tawny tuesday.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

to america

cc's pa is waiting in the street, ticking the motor of the rental car over.
we are off to america to see his family. cc is unsure about what is happening - we are usual in the bath now and instead are suited up ready for the twelve hours drive ahead of us. it should be an american adventure. we will be back to tumbledown next tuesday. 

here is a poetry book i found in an old bookstore on barrington street today. the book is called within two. i know nothing about it yet, but the lovely sepia cover caught my attention. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

tuesday fog

nova scotian fog moves so swiftly. it turned from a warm spring morning down by the waterfront to thick mist in a moment. it really tumbles in from the ocean. so cc abandoned waving to the fishermen in their colourful boats and we set off home to bake.

this wooden box sits next to the stove. it is filled with small cards of recipes I like to make, or want to try. it suits me much more than storing many different recipe books. and I always look forward to sitting down at the typewriter to add some more to the collection.
and this rope and wood creation was a find from an antiques shop on mc'cully, a dark street a short walk from us. it was covered with damp dust and still smells of tobacco smoke from the musty shop. after a wipe off I think it is lovely. it hangs on the white walls of our clementine room and cc keeps trying to pull it off the nail. and here is cc, squinting and munching and humming on his ride home.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

canada time

canada has been kind to us so far

.cc is content sitting on the back step surveying his garden. it is wonderful for him to have space and clean air

.managing to rent a whole house with a staircase and many rooms and finding the time to do it up slowly. to make it suit us completely

.meeting kind, generous i when we first arrived and seeing how affectionate her youngest boy pablo is with cc

.making sweet potato cakes and chorizo stew while listening to the noel coward revue

.staying up late with cc's pa to paint the clementine room white then seeing how fresh and new it looks the next morning

.coffee and a warm buttery croissant, served on a tartan napkin, at the tiny two if by sea cafe

.the sunday morning stroll to java cafe to share a chocolate and zucchini muffin

.finding the time to write again. to be at the typewriter. to design tiles. to think about buying a kiln for the shed and all the wonderful possibilities

.seeking out the world of interiors and apartamento magazine at atlantic news

.meeting some friendly, interesting folk from the community and realising its not such a sinister area if you are sensible

.and cc. cc sleeping more. cc tat tat tatting his tune and twirling with his arms out. cc walking so much. cc's determined frown. cc altering all the time and starting to settle into canadian ways

Thursday, 3 May 2012

a trespasser

there is a trespasser here, hiding in the attic. cc's pa was awake half the night with all the scuttling and scratching. then we heard him inside the wall and the sound of wood and bits falling as he scrambled up. it is unsettling having this furry trespasser. tiring too. hopefully the gentleman with all the traps will come in the morning and catch it.
cc was woken by the trespasser too. he has been in fine spirits today though. here he is sat at the table chomping his way through some sweet potato cakes. his wavy hair is getting long. it will need its first trim soon, though i feel sad to do it. 
this is cc's tummy after the potato cakes. his thick cardigan was a steal, only five pounds at chatsworth market and he wore it all winter. it has wonderful round buttons down the front that match his red wooden floor. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

tuesday elevenses

the tradition of taking tea and cake at eleven in the morning was one my grandparents always upheld. though theirs would normally consist of two cups of steaming coffee and some homemade fruitcake, made by grandma virtue. grandad jim would come in from tending the garden, dead on eleven o'clock. they would settle in their two matching chairs by the old stove and time would stand still for a moment.

cc and I tend to love elevenses too and this was his today - a slice of super simple homemade banana and sultana bread and a cup of milk. cc ate all the bread, he loves that bread, and fed some to toto the dinosaur too.
following elevenses cc climbs the worn out wooden stairs and we curl up in his teepee and read a storybook. this morning he picked the three robbers, the tomi ungerer tale of a band of caped highwaymen who wear wonderfully tall hats. the hope is that cc will then have his snooze and I can scamper back downstairs. today was a success as cc snored away, so I turned on some old lena horne tunes and spent time trying to mend these leather boots, which cc wears nonstop. they have strolled from hackney soil to halifax snow, and it would be lovely for them to keep on strolling.