Sunday, 29 April 2012

a sunday stroll

tumbledown is on the corner of two supposedly sinister streets, notorious for the tooting of substances and after dark activities - the type gentlemen slow down in their automobiles for. cc's pa said maybe moving here from hackney did us good, as almost anything seems the norm. thankfully by morning time the sirens are silent and the streets are owned by small folk like cc.

here is cc with his scuffed boots and striped socks in the park. he walks so far now on his sturdy little legs. this wooden house is not tumbledown, it is a few blocks away from us on a more refined street. there is something about this home that always makes me pause for a moment to look at it and wonder who lives there. maybe someone neat. 
and this is a ballet book from the fifties. I am not normally into ballet, but bought a collection of these at an outdoor saturday market a few years ago and have recently started reading some of the descriptions inside to cc as he struts about. the spirited gentleman's pose is so grand - they look like they could be having a wonderful sunday adventure. 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

meeting and sweeping

cigarettes and ginger ale. that is how the gentleman next door smells. his home is smoky and dim and filled with newspapers. it needs repairing, inside and out, though cc didn't mind a bit and wandered straight in. he told us he is eighty eight and that his was 'one of the first black families to move onto the street'. he seemed really proud. he has wonderful dark brown eyes. sometimes at night we hear the jazz tunes from his wireless.

here is the view from our landing window. cc's pa's pa made the framed artwork, and the cut-out is of my grandparents wedding day. through the window you can see the wood slowly falling from the house next door.
and this is cc with his fox tail on, helping to sweep out the shed. hidden at the back, behind the timber, i found a wooden mantlepiece. it is in two parts but should fit back together and would look lovely in the clementine room.
and we have been asked to a dinner by a lovely family we met when we first came to see tumbledown. their house is purple and sits around the corner a few streets away. they have two boys and two cats which means cc can have fun with other little folk.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

the turtle and the tile


this is george and hilda - cc's great grandparents. the sepia cut-out images are stuck to cc's bedroom wall, next to his tiny bed. I like to think they are watching over him as he rests. the wooden floor is crimson red and seems to suit all of cc's multi-coloured things. 
here is the back yard, with cc in his navy blue raincoat, and the wonderful shed. it is half filled with cut wood for the burner, and scattered with old cigarette boxes, darts and a dartboard. a timber work surface runs down one side with tiny drawers underneath. it would make a perfect space for me to set up a kiln in for making the tiles. 
and here is a tile, a spare one from a stool I covered. it is tiny so works as a coaster for cc. the turtle padlock is solid metal and was a find during my final trip to the spitalfields antiques market, so it makes me think of home. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

stormy weekend

the clementine room is still clementine coloured. my hopes of finding time to paint it this weekend slipped away and now it is falling dark already. cc is unsettled. he has been stomping around on the wooden floorboards and turning the handle of the woodburner so the cinders fall out. his hair is super curly from the storm.

this was cc on saturday morning, standing in the garden by the magnolia blossom. then the storm clouds arrived, cc had a snooze and cc's pa set out to collect groceries. 
the woodburner is in the downstairs room we spend the most time in - the space between the clementine room and the kitchen. two piles of cut wood are heaped in the alcove next to it and my two tiled wooden crates sit to the right. 
cc's drum and our books are in the other alcove and on the wall is the wooden insert to an old cutlery drawer that I found in the shed. it is a neat size, so I hammered some small nails into the back to turn it into storage for cc's hat and boots. wonderful what can be salvaged from a shed.

Friday, 20 April 2012

settling in

it took time for me to settle into the thought of a blog, and time to slowly ease into canadian ways. i suppose i move at the rate of a tortoise. now, one month into the mammoth move, this site is here, to document the adventures of cc, cc's pa and me - and our slightly tumbledown wooden home in halifax, nova scotia.

here are two pictures from today. this is cc in his soft grey hat and sturdy brown boots. he strolled happily around the public gardens, filling his cardigan pockets with damp stones and squatting down to talk with passing ducks. 

and this is cc's treasured item, a cardboard dinosaur he snuck off the shelf in an art store. it is sitting on my old underwood typewriter in our clementine room, which we hope to paint white tomorrow. the dinosaur is called toto.