Monday, 31 December 2012

farewell december

so its time to say farewell to december. to a year filled with adventures, challenges and huge changes. for all the sadness there has been from missing friends and family back home, there is the wonder of the new. owning our own wooden home. making some wonderful nova scotian friends. finding out we are expecting another baby. then having our five month scan and seeing those ten miniature toes move. and cc. cc's ease at settling into our new surroundings. his readiness to share a smile with anyone we meet. taking his pa's strong hand for a stroll. the times he share his trucks with baby bump. that spontaneous dancing on the street corners where accordions play.
farewell december and thank you for a memorable end to the year. we tip our festive hats to you all and wish you the loveliest of year's to come. 

Friday, 28 December 2012

first snow

it snowed. our first real, settled snowfall of the season. it started suddenly when we were out walking and soon the trees, trucks, wooden homes and pathways were covered. cc stood on his stool to watch folk pass outside. some unprepared and hurrying home. some suited out in fur lined boots and mackintoch's, tugging toboggans and making snowballs.
the street was still white when we fell asleep last night. this morning we woke to find it almost all melted already. it is amazing how fast it comes, and how fast it goes again. on our morning walk we stopped for a coffee and one of cc's pa's favourite cinnamon buns. then cc stomped through the melted snow piles all the way home to mabel.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

christmas in mabel

for our first christmas here in mabel it was quiet, though lovely. cc tugged his small hessian sack around for most of the morning, holding his woodlands playmobile set. he tore the woodland box open with a cc style woop and set out the deer, squirrels and trees in neat rows. they were carried to the table for our turkey dinner. cc then serenaded me and his pa on his tin harmonica as the tunes of louis prima filled mabel's rooms. it was a simple, merry, nova scotian christmas, as our thoughts, and festive toasts, were made to family and friends all around the world.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

the eve of christmas eve

smelling coffee and toasted challah. 
morning wander with cc down the street.
baking tree themed sugar cookies. 
smiling as cc and his pa hide in the tee pee.
typing recipe cards.
finding the winter issue of apartamento.
talking with my ma and pa in devon.
wrapping a final gift for cc's pa.
making teatime steak with sauteed onions.
reading bill peet storybooks to cc.
settee resting with baby bump.

and only two sleeps until christmas.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

an outing

to feel more into the seasonal spirit of things we decided to take a friday trip into the countryside. cc's pa rented an automobile, which cc merrily filled with storybooks, toast and toy trucks. then we set off in search of small country towns and dense woodlands.
french tunes crackled on the wireless. cc cheered at the snowy scenes out the window 'til we stopped for a walk among the towering pine trees. then found a secluded beach where the two misters chased ducks and stared out to sea.
the road took us on past wooden homes with smoking chimneys and musty antique stores selling anything from toboggans to saucepans. we stopped at a tiny cafe in chester for steaming chowder and toasted cheese sandwiches. then headed on back with cc talking nonstop all the way home.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

these two

the move to nova scotia seems tougher this month. memories of old traditions, hackney streets, friends and family feel so distant all those hundreds of miles away. so spending time with these two misters means more than ever before. cc's wonder and excitement at all around him and his pa's positive nature are my homesickness remedy. these are two of the most special gentlemen anyone could hope to meet. I am thankful they are my family. 

Monday, 17 December 2012

hackney, o hackney

the cobbled streets of hackney are sorely missed at the moment. sometimes at dusk I think of sitting on wilton way sipping smoky tea. of meeting friends on the sagging settee at the creperie. the traditional wander to broadway market to rest amidst the market stalls, talking with hackney folk as they strut by in all their splendor.
these nova scotian streets aren't the same. folk here travel to and fro at their canadian pace, that is still unfamiliar to me. sidewalks are bare. roads are filled with tooting trucks. though there is the comfort of coming home to mabel. making festive decorations. sitting with cc and his pa. those two gentlemen who fill dark nova scotian days with happy moments. those two are my constant who make things feel alright. 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

around mabel

toasted sourdough topped with softened mushrooms. teacups of full fat milk. tomato stew with soy sauce. time is spent making food. sharing food with cc. resting. thinking of those amazing takoyaki the kind japanese man cooks at his stall in spitalfields. wishing he could ship them here to satisfy baby's cravings. 
these past days have been filled with food and rest. making mabel a little festive. typing notes and filling packages to send overseas. stretching out with cc on the floor. tuning in to it's a wonderful life. falling asleep with satisfied tummies. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

a note from cc: a tree, a tree

cc says:
this season is maybe my favourite as we get to have some woodland inside our home. sometimes it seems strange that there is a tree indoors as normally it makes mama unhappy when I carry sticks and mud and handfuls of stones inside. this tree is special though. they were going to choose a tall one like the trees in the museum. one taller than grandpa. then I found a tree my size that was perfect so papa carried it on home. now it sits in a tiled crate downstairs and smells like a forest. in the morning it is fun to come downstairs and take the felt decorations off then throw them on, to and fro, over again.

.cc's excitement to hear the woodpecker sounds at the museum
.trying to reach the museum's tall trees
.striding home with papa
.then taking a rest before going home to decorate.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

a sibling for cc

this little mister is set to become a big makes us so happy. 
cc helped share the news with family members a month or so ago. now we are almost half way through this pregnancy we wanted to share the secret with you too. the baby bump is named baby may, as he or she is due towards the end of may. we plan on waiting til baby arrives to find out the sex, though cc seems to think he is having a baby brother and has taken to tucking his wooden trains under my sweater to try and share them. it feels nice to settle into this middle trimester, the sickness has stopped and baby may is already moving around alot, snacking on pickles, marmite on toast and comforting stewed apples. 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

some of the stall holders

sunday at the market was still filled with folk, though slightly less frantic. it meant stall holders could wander round and seek out other stalls of interest. the work of the old birch workshop, run by the talented mr marc comeau, is one such stall. it is easy to imagine him tucked away in his studio here, making one lovely leather camera strap, belt or collar after another.

there are two other stall holder's who made a firm impression. the hand knitted duffle bags by this lady were just perfect. it was so hard to resist taking one home. the founder of jewellery studio fervour's own was also an inspiration as she has managed to set up her successful business while raising two daughters who are both under three. so we toast our coffee cups to that. to all the folk who came to support the fair. and to those dusty jim reeves tunes that kept our cold toes a tapping.

Monday, 3 December 2012

saturday at the market

seasonal tunes, stacks of tiles and the smell of toast and coffee started our saturday. the dawn madness before I traipsed down the street to set up stall at this wonderful christmas market. the week had been spent trying to finish making cards and tiles while managing cc. sometimes he hid under the desk. then sat on the desk. then straddled me as felt and glue stuck to him. so saturday had seemed a long time coming. 
there were eighty other stall holders, all showing handmade works and transforming the space with that special festive feeling. hundreds of folk crowded in, taking time to talk to the stall holders about the work on sale before making their selections. it was a wonderful event to be a part of. it felt good to share conversations with folk about the work. to hear such positive feedback and to see so many smiles made all the sleepness nights worth while. 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

the day that was

tuesday was a day we couldn't wait to be over. cc had an operation arranged at the hospital and no matter how much folk told us it would be fine, we had been worrying nonstop. thankfully cc did wonderfully. the surgeon, dr romao, was tall and kind. the anesthesia guys were bearded and funny. and in no time at all cc was awake and back in our arms.
settled under a quilt back at home we snoozed together as a family. then to mark my turning one year older we shared popcorn, the sweetest pineapple and a fish and chips supper. 
after dusk cc slept as I spent the night finishing this seasonal collage. thank you tuesday for passing as smoothly as could be hoped. a toast is raised to you cc for being such a brave little mister. we are so proud of you.