Thursday, 25 June 2015

those clement frank words.

little clement frank has been talking up a storm more and more.
he says "hiya caudie" and "lurve oo caudie" to his brother non-stop.  
"porrige peese" is his most favourite breakfast, then he tugs himself up to sit next to the stove top and helps stir, firmly saying "me do it. my do it".
he asks "why?" around a hundred times a day, calls muffins "fluffins" and says "oh ouch" anytime he gets dirty.
he adores humming and singing as much as his big brother. these past few weeks they have taken to singing this tune, with clement swaying his head to-and-fro til it's his turn to sing "a messadge to oo rudy-ee. a messadge to ooo." 

he is such a funny and smart little boy. twenty five months suits him.

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