Sunday, 7 June 2015

for nan.

documenting sadness is tough to do.
more so when it is a sadness from the passing of someone so dear to you. 
trying to understand how the world will be without them. 
to reason with the tide of tears that comes rushing with no warning, and the hundreds of miles of sea separating where she was and where we are. 

no matter the distance, times such as these will always be hard.
and on those moments when thoughts become too foggy to understand, there is this picture, of my nanna when she was ten years old at school. the tomboy and adventurer who went on to teach us all so much. her childhood tales, smiles and determination will always be with us. 

and these two boys will be able to look through their sepia family albums, knowing they met their great nanna, and remember how loved they felt by her, and what an incredible spirit she shared.  


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