Wednesday, 31 December 2014

farewell 2014.

farewell to another nova scotian year.
to those four seasons of change.
from spring time trips to the seaside to summer picnics. family walks through the autumn leaves and treks through icy winter streets for cocoa dates.
these two boys have reached too many mile stones to try and record.
from sickness and sleeplessness to twirling to the wireless on our bed at dawn.
a toast to twelve hectic months and to the next twelve to come.

1. clement discovers a hidden, theatrical world in halifax.
2. these three strolling hand in hand.
3. seeking out wooden shacks in snowy wolfville.
4. a smiling cc, pre-sickness.
5. father christmas came.
6. so many toys. too many toys!
7. he spends hours sat drawing these days. his pa is so proud.

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