Tuesday, 21 October 2014

two boys and the charleston.

cc has always been one for twirling about.
since starting a saturday dance class he has taken to trying his moves out all the time. and naturally clement frank follows suit. a twenty minute walk now nears the two hour mark as both of them tumble about in the mud, tapping their sneakers to the tune of the falling autumn leaves.

.clement frank scribbling away at his brothers desk.
.'this is the charleston. we are doing the charleston clemmie', says cc mid-move, as clement pauses for a moment to remove his trousers.
.their spontaneous sidewalk rolls, turning a short walk for coffee into an afternoon trek.
.cc spotted a woodpecker.
.this little ones nose is always pressed to the glass when I come in and out of the house. almost seventeen months old now, and he doesn't miss a thing.

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Anonymous said...

love these photos, you have a good eye