Monday, 6 October 2014

six weeks later.

peepo says cc.
we are back. 
six weeks have passed since we last wrote. 
farewells were said to summer days and autumns woodsmoke scented evenings arrived.
the boys grew so much taller. 
cc still sung tunes all summer and danced about nonstop. clement soon followed suit, turning his head this-a-way then that-a-way. beaming that beautiful smile.
saturday mornings were always spent alone with their pa. making trips to dartmouth. climbing by the sea. sharing treats in their cafes. this time made them so happy.
and many walks were taken. hand in hand they would strut down the streets. hunting for worms. collecting sticks. charming any passers by.
the six weeks have been busy ones. these two made sure of that. 
now we toast to a new season. and a promise to share more moments from it here. 

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