Friday, 10 October 2014

in cc's words.

(on the carousel) gid-ee-oh. gid-ee-oh. this horse is the fastest. 

on saturdays its important to make cake actually. it means you are in love. or married. 

sometimes those cuckoos outside are so noisy they wake up those brown old dogs. then they start barking and woofing and barking some more. then that wakes up the tired cats who start making them noises like cats make and soon the whole streets awake. thats why i get up at night. its not my fault actually. its all them animals. 

clemmie, you want to come to school with me? you can meet all my friends and then we can hide behind the wood shed with the mosquitos.

is it christmas yet? or is it next day? maybe its next day. that means we got time to go buy all mine and clem's presents today.

am all ready for dance class now. i got my leggings and my feet are feeling all bendy. that means im ready.

this stew is lovely. i love it. (then two minutes later) maybe next time don't worry about making stew actually mummy. maybe lets just have toast for supper. sometimes toasts alot nicer then you cooking actually.

(after finding the two boys hiding under a tree in the garden)
me: what are you two doing claude?
cc: oh, nothing. nothing mummy.
me: does clement have something in his mouth?
cc: nope. (then realising i can see clement) oh yeah, maybe. maybe i was just seeing how many of them small stones fit in his mouth. but only four fit actually. he's not trying hard enough. 

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