Monday, 28 July 2014

a nova scotian island.

sometimes the need to set off into the nova scotian wilderness takes hold.
on saturday morning a borrowed automobile, and an invitation to meet friends on a tiny island meant we could do just that.
motoring out of town, the 'mr transmission' and 'one dollar coffee' signs gave way to towering woodlands and wide open lakes. the boys took turns to snooze as the sound of king oliver's tunes filled the car. once there cc couldn't wait to see his friend, dig in the sand and leap into the cool lake from the wooden jetty. his pa swam and canoed under the midday sun as clement made a hundred attempts to sneak off on his own adventures.
the next day we headed out for another road trip, this time to mahone bay, where handsome automobiles and shingled antiques stores filled each street. cc found some chickens nesting under a wooden shelter and was determined to try and get little clement to stoop down and see them. two sleepy boys later and we headed towards home, tops stained with ice-creams and the trunk filled with handsome finds.

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