Tuesday, 8 April 2014

taking a moment.

its a month since anything from our world was documented here.
time has passed quickly and been filled with ups and downs.
many snow storms have come and gone (and come again)
sleepless nights are followed by morning walks for a smooth coffee.
clement frank is on the move. and still so in love with his big brother.
cc has taken to singing even more. and dancing. and is perhaps ever so slightly obsessed with dinosaurs right now.
the boys pa continues to trek to work through all weathers. snapping scenes on his way. working into many nights, making weekend time all the more precious.
mabel is sometimes a little rough around the corners. finding spiderwebs and peeling paintwork. remnants of saturdays toast still dotted around on a tuesday. so an intensive clean up takes place. then two days later its all somehow back again. so, a month has passed. things are alright. the boys are doing wonderfully. and spring is almost here (or so we hear...)

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