Saturday, 25 January 2014

in cc's words.

sat on the bus in a traffic queue: this driver man has a big beards. and a funny cap. makes him go slowly i think. 

i like toasts with butter. sometimes the triangle shapes taste best. 

you never touch these apples clement. theys the bad ones. ok? 

some skunks hibernate underneath the mud. it makes them tails all skunky. 

black and whites my favite colours i think. no no no, maybe white and black actually. 

oh, daddys working late tonight? maybe he will bring me home a couple of them beers that smell. 

i need clement's baby water i think. i sip it then i can sound like him. wah wah wah. thats the sound of clement. 

singing to himself most mornings: head and shoulders knees and toes, eyes mouth and head. 

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