Tuesday, 17 December 2013


sometimes an adventure is needed. and when cc has his way that means traveling by automobile. so a little over a week ago cc's pa rented a car and the four of us set off down the highway towards the valley.
cc sang along to some christmas tunes, stopping now and then to talk about the towering trees outside ('lets pick that one for chripsmass please!') while little clement slipped in and out of sleep alongside him. we rested at a town called wolfville, where one after another of the tumbledown wooden houses wore for sale signs. cc's pa chose a pub for lunch, then on our wander about the town stumbled across an amazing antiquarian bookstore. the small car trunk was soon filled with cinnamon buns, wonderful secondhand books and two fine christmas trees.
thank you for a fine visit wolfville, will be back soon. we promise.

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