Saturday, 7 September 2013

his new world.

cc's world changed this week.
when he started attending a small preschool for two mornings a week.
tuesday was his first morning. there was a terrible storm, evergreen trees shaking, torrential downpours and dark puddles filling our walk to and from the school. cc loved the adventure and so far has taken to the new routine smoothly. on his second morning he skipped down the steps to see miss camille, miss camille (his teacher) turning to wave bye bye to his baby brother saying im going to see my friends now. time for school. see you later clement. what a fellow.

some of the kooky things cc has said recently:

clement blessed all on me. (when clement sneezes)

not eat lobster mummy. thats friends with turtles. not eat it ok?

my have nipples. two. thats for making munk. (milk)

sometimes my poops are porcupines. sometimes slugs. actually this ones a snail poop. 

those pancakes are good ones. they filled my stomach all up to my nose.

yah thats a good idea mummy. 

this is not my favourite actually. (about some sugar free homemade muffins that turned out bad. then...)lets go to cars cafe mummy. they have sweet cookies. thats my favourite. 

this is a good spiders web. it has bugs and creepin crawlees and ants too.

listen. a 'copter up there. not a 'copter actually an aeroplane made for flying.

clement pooped really good. that means he has my truck now. (offering his toy truck to clem as a pooping reward.)

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