Tuesday, 9 July 2013

to dartmouth, to dartmouth.

the ferry ride across the bay to dartmouth is one of cc's favourite trips. sometimes I would pretend that wonderful, smog filled hackney was the other side of the water and that we were stepping off the ferry to meet old friends, hear cockney accents and wander cobbled streets. cc and his pa are content with the surroundings we have here. so now, instead of hoping for the past, I try to find the good in the nova scotian things all around us.
cc was in heaven on the ferry ride. calling 'all aboard, all aboard' the whole way. we wandered along the old railway track and through the quiet streets then stopped for coffees and oatmeal cookies at this cafe. clem starred around wide eyed while cc charmed their muscular, tattoo-ed staff and the thundery showers soaked folk outside. 

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