Thursday, 4 July 2013

at the farm.

this morning we woke feeling sleep deprived. little clements night wakings and persistent tears are taking their toll on us all. its tough on cc too so we decided to take him out of the city for some countryside air. cc's pa rented an automobile and we set off to this nearby farm. the ride there was scorching and filled with more tears as tunes about beat up trucks and lonesome cowboys played on the radio. 
the sign to the farm raised our spirits. cc couldn't wait to pad through the dust in his sandals and meet all the farm folk. he strutted up to the donkeys, tried to sup water with the goats and followed a tufty black pig into his pen. chocolate ice-creams, a pony ride and a billy goat chase made it the perfect adventure for cc. thank you hatfield farm for a top morning. we hope to come see you again one day soon. 

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