Monday, 10 June 2013

sixteen days.

baby clem toasts sixteen days old today. dimples show in his tiny cheeks. his big toes point straight up when he hiccups. he nurses nonstop night and day and has started to stay awake wide eyed for two hours at a time.
cc is happy his grandma is here staying. they take walks down our street and read many storybooks. cc tells her 'grandma time to get up. grandma banana cake in four pieces please. grandma where are you?'. he is full of words. instructing and ordering us all. filling his big brother boots. 

.baby clement's perfect hands
.lovely gift wrapping hand painted by sofia
.cc after a stormy walk
.baby clem taking a nap
.hospital bands and cards
.cc stomping in the garden
.a super sleepy pa

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