Monday, 1 April 2013

farewell march

farewell to march. to the snowstorms and tantrums and time lost to sickness.
and a toast to april. to the hope of spring and the adventures waiting to be had.

pictures are from the past week and our easter weekend:
cc could chase pigeons all afternoon.
a trip to one of our all time favourite coffee spots.
cc and folk hunt for chocolate eggs in a friends back yard.
as cc's pa practices hula hooping.
little ruby's magical circus tent.

happy april first from a stormy nova scotia.


Julie from Dorset said...

What camera or programme do you use to give your pictures the effect they have?

I am also looking forward to spring and having some much needed sunshine.


claude le traveller said...

I have an slr but end up mainly using my iphone for taking pictures, especially ones of cc, as it is always to hand. and I tend to use the hipstamatic setting on the iphone. hope that spring arrives for you soon!