Monday, 29 April 2013

a toast to spring

the seasons seemed to finally change this weekend. saturday morning we woke to spring time warmth, together with that stiff nova scotian wind. sometimes weekends sprint on past and cc's pa's back at work before we have made the most of having him home. thankfully this weekend was the opposite. filled with family walks, a trip to the farmers market, a tasty saturday supper with friends, time down by the waterfront, trips to the skatepark and still fitting in some decorating and gardening at home in mabel. it was a lovely few days with the two fulton gentlemen. thank you for arriving spring time.

.cc and daffodils on our street
.watching the canadian skater moves
.sunday morning by the sea
.cc's pa tucking into homemade pizza
.cc doing a jig down at the market. he could have twirled all day.

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