Thursday, 7 March 2013

its dark gray

sewing calicos. making stews. painting tiles. making collages. baking oatmeal cookies. painting the fireplace. this is how the past few days have been spent. with cc assisting, his moccasins always tapping two steps behind me.
buying our wooden home mabel has been one of the most affirming reasons for moving to nova scotia. though we were helped tremendously by kind family it is still something we could never had achieved staying in hackney.
cc's pa is content with the house as it is. and wonders why he returns home from work to find more sepia photographs traveling up the staircase or a white fireplace now painted black? (me: "its actually a wonderful dark gray"). maybe it is down to spending so much more time at home than him. or maybe its the thought of second baby's arrival making me want to make mabel as 'us' as can be. whatever the reason there is something about carrying out these small changes that I find fulfilling. and creative. and necessary. and its satisfying to achieve them with cc the energetic apprentice in tow.

.flowers from cc's pa in an antique sailors jug, next to chalkboard painted kitchen tiles.
.mabels brick fireplace, was the same white as the walls. now a smoky dark gray that makes it stand out in the room.
.cc's much needed soak in the tub following a painting session.
.this hand painted floor is inside a nearby interiors store. it would be wonderful to try to create something similar to this in mabel.

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