Thursday, 14 March 2013


many things are happening here at the moment. the seasons finally feel as if they are starting to shift. the snow is melting. cc is spending more and more time outdoors as the temperatures stay above freezing.
there are changes inside mabel too. folding and sorting tiny outfits in preparation for may. knocking more nails to hang pictures on the walls. painting old wooden furniture. and cc talks nonstop, discussing his toys, telling me what type of food he wants to make, pretending to talk with grandma on the telephone. and talking to the baby bump.

"mama. where's baby mama?"
"baby is here claude."
"caud kiss baby. good baby. time for sleeps baby."
two moments after he cups his hands around his mouth and starts shouting
"baby wake up. time to play. wake up now".

this must happen a hundred times a day.
oh cc, there are so many more changes to come.

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