Tuesday, 15 January 2013

tat ta tuesday

tuesday came around so swiftly. sometimes I wonder how time can roll on past and my hopeful notes of things to do stays firmly unticked. cc's pa was shooting the maud lewis home in the city's art gallery today. the wooden house is tiny and exquisite. the shingles, front door, stove and staircase inside are all covered with the late folk artist's paintings.
on our walk home cc and I stopped to snoop around this derelict corner store. it is a stones throw from mabel's front stoop, and I have this feeling it could be the perfect spot to open a store. tiled wooden crates stacked up, a counter serving smoky teas and cheese scones and a tee-pee corner for the little folk. thoughts of running a store filled the evening as cc ate his tea and we said tat ta to another tuesday.

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