Monday, 3 December 2012

saturday at the market

seasonal tunes, stacks of tiles and the smell of toast and coffee started our saturday. the dawn madness before I traipsed down the street to set up stall at this wonderful christmas market. the week had been spent trying to finish making cards and tiles while managing cc. sometimes he hid under the desk. then sat on the desk. then straddled me as felt and glue stuck to him. so saturday had seemed a long time coming. 
there were eighty other stall holders, all showing handmade works and transforming the space with that special festive feeling. hundreds of folk crowded in, taking time to talk to the stall holders about the work on sale before making their selections. it was a wonderful event to be a part of. it felt good to share conversations with folk about the work. to hear such positive feedback and to see so many smiles made all the sleepness nights worth while. 

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