Friday, 28 December 2012

first snow

it snowed. our first real, settled snowfall of the season. it started suddenly when we were out walking and soon the trees, trucks, wooden homes and pathways were covered. cc stood on his stool to watch folk pass outside. some unprepared and hurrying home. some suited out in fur lined boots and mackintoch's, tugging toboggans and making snowballs.
the street was still white when we fell asleep last night. this morning we woke to find it almost all melted already. it is amazing how fast it comes, and how fast it goes again. on our morning walk we stopped for a coffee and one of cc's pa's favourite cinnamon buns. then cc stomped through the melted snow piles all the way home to mabel.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a lovely christmas with your family, and that the home sickness has subsided. Happy new year, wishing you a wonderful 2013.