Saturday, 22 December 2012

an outing

to feel more into the seasonal spirit of things we decided to take a friday trip into the countryside. cc's pa rented an automobile, which cc merrily filled with storybooks, toast and toy trucks. then we set off in search of small country towns and dense woodlands.
french tunes crackled on the wireless. cc cheered at the snowy scenes out the window 'til we stopped for a walk among the towering pine trees. then found a secluded beach where the two misters chased ducks and stared out to sea.
the road took us on past wooden homes with smoking chimneys and musty antique stores selling anything from toboggans to saucepans. we stopped at a tiny cafe in chester for steaming chowder and toasted cheese sandwiches. then headed on back with cc talking nonstop all the way home.

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