Monday, 10 December 2012

a note from cc: a tree, a tree

cc says:
this season is maybe my favourite as we get to have some woodland inside our home. sometimes it seems strange that there is a tree indoors as normally it makes mama unhappy when I carry sticks and mud and handfuls of stones inside. this tree is special though. they were going to choose a tall one like the trees in the museum. one taller than grandpa. then I found a tree my size that was perfect so papa carried it on home. now it sits in a tiled crate downstairs and smells like a forest. in the morning it is fun to come downstairs and take the felt decorations off then throw them on, to and fro, over again.

.cc's excitement to hear the woodpecker sounds at the museum
.trying to reach the museum's tall trees
.striding home with papa
.then taking a rest before going home to decorate.

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