Friday, 9 November 2012



cc turned two today. it was a lovely, simple day spent as a family with cc's pa. the day started super early with milky pre-dawn coffees and toast (cut into unicorn and shooting star shapes for the birthday mister).
happy birthday was sung again and again through cardboard moustaches on wooden sticks. balloons were blown, chased and popped to bits. together with his pa, he proudly puffed out his two candles and cake was shared. parcel paper was torn open to the sound of 'oooo' as a wooden puppet and wonderful card from his aunty meg tumbled out.
then suited up in storm gear we headed out into the thundering rain, to a nearby store where cc chose a truck of his dreams.
happy birthday to a truly remarkable little mister. we love you so.


Trevor said...

Ahhh. Happy Birthday Claude! Sounds like you had a great day. We miss you and your Mum and Dad! Nic & Trevor xx

claude le traveller said...

thank you n&t, we miss you too! pa and I send a big animated wave. xx