Sunday, 25 November 2012

to market, to market

the farmers market here is packed with folk all weekend. stalls are filled with seasonal goods - apples tumbling out of sacks alongside freshly picked sprouts and displays of cranberries. pickled beets and homemade chutneys, tender meat pies and canadian turkeys, tied neatly together in rows.
cc's pa headed straight to the bakery and found croissants and flattened pepitos for us to share. these were followed with sups of locally made apple cider and some saturday smiles as cc twirled to the tune of the folk music for all the crowds to see.

market bought macaroons and smokey tea.
a corner inside the huge market. they say it is the oldest farmers market in north america. (and maybe a few of the moustached gentlemen who founded it still frequent it today..)
making beef cannelloni for saturday supper.
sleepy cc's night time hand signals.

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