Wednesday, 28 November 2012

the day that was

tuesday was a day we couldn't wait to be over. cc had an operation arranged at the hospital and no matter how much folk told us it would be fine, we had been worrying nonstop. thankfully cc did wonderfully. the surgeon, dr romao, was tall and kind. the anesthesia guys were bearded and funny. and in no time at all cc was awake and back in our arms.
settled under a quilt back at home we snoozed together as a family. then to mark my turning one year older we shared popcorn, the sweetest pineapple and a fish and chips supper. 
after dusk cc slept as I spent the night finishing this seasonal collage. thank you tuesday for passing as smoothly as could be hoped. a toast is raised to you cc for being such a brave little mister. we are so proud of you. 

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Anonymous said...

Glad CC is ok, such a brave little man. What a stressful day for your birthday, hopefully the rest of the week can be more relaxing for you both.