Friday, 12 October 2012

these smoggy streets


two days into our time in england.
cc and I were sat beside a tattooed american on the aeroplane over. his name was joe. he guzzled his beers and stretched his wide thighs across the seats. cc shyly touched his faded tattoos then nestled into my sweater trying to hide for the rest of the flight, til we safely landed.
the first days back in these smoggy streets have been filled with trips to spitalfields antiques market. taking walks with friends by the canal and around dalston curve garden. sharing coffee and sweet cake. and cc seeing both his wonderful aunties. our suitcase already has an antique checkered blanket, two tin jelly moulds, and a pair of brogues added to it. so now its time to settle down for a nights rest with cc, so we can wake tomorrow morning ready for another day of adventures.

some pictures from aunty amys house: reading with cc on the settee. london clock. her framed picture of a younger cc.

behind this forest green door the smoothest coffee is served.

mister felix and his special ma, with cc hidden between them.

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