Thursday, 4 October 2012

cc's great uncle

cc met his great uncle john for the first time this week, when him and his wife came to town for the day. cc waved them in from mabel's front door. he was in awe of his uncle's moustache, clapped at their english accents, and content with the gifts they so kindly bought him from new york city.
after coffee and catching up in mabel we headed to a tavern for some hearty food and drinks. cc then strutted along the wooden boardwalk, proud to be out with his great uncle and aunty, then waved farewell as they took to the seas once more.
we felt so fortunate to have them visit us at home in nova scotia. sometimes it feels cut off here, with family hundreds of miles away. then from one short visit the world seems smaller again and we are all re-connected.

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