Thursday, 25 October 2012

a note from cc

two weeks into our adventures in england and it is so lovely that I thought I would take over from mama and write a few words. time has been passing by swiftly and it is now one week since we caught the train down to the countryside and said farewell to bustling london.
during our final few days in the city I spent time with my two kind aunties. went to galleries and raced around their bookshops. bravely mounted a stone sheep in the park, then collected crimson autumn leaves. strolled around mama's favourite saturday market and then took a trip to the enchanting far store on columbia road. took morning coffee and cake with sylvie at the tiny violet cake shop, as we watched the staff merrily bake. then met up with little folk my size, including handsome atlas, in his neckerchief and soft bobble hat, who I made friends with in hospital when I was just four days old.
these are a few of my favoured pictures from our time in the city. we will write about our current days in countryside very soon.

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