Thursday, 27 September 2012

tuning in to radio four

there is something so comforting about radio four. as familiar as the smell of coffee and cigarettes or freshly mown grass. since we moved to nova scotia the station's british beeps and monotone sounds mean even more. so we tune in through the internet, and on calm days the dry laughter from just a minute, or the theme to desert island discs, fills mabel's rooms as if we were back in our terraced hackney flat.
this morning cc woke before dawn to the sound of thundering rain. we switched on this charming episode while sharing toast, then pulled on his boots and navy coat, ready to set off for a morning walk.

some pine cones collected outside mabel, together with old photographs of cc and his pa, stored in the wooden recipe box.
cc's thursday lunch of avocado, toasted cheese soldiers and a cup of soya milk.
and the little mister testing out the muddy puddles on our street this morning.

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